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10 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013

Behind every great content marketing strategy is a strategic combination of web marketing tools.

Before anything else, you have to realize as a content marketer that you cannot do it on your own, and you will constantly have to consult several available resources to make sure that you are on the right track.

With that in mind, the best content marketing tools are the ones that will help you from generating ideas and curating content to distributing your content. What are the best Internet marketing tools for this purpose? These 10 best Internet marketing tools are easily the best among the best.

TrendSpottr for trending topics

If you’re out of ideas or have been out of loop for quite a while, TrendSpottr is great for those who are just starting out in content marketing without any niche in mind. Best for viral news discovery, content marketing, and marketing predictions, TrendSpottr is a great resource for digital marketers and social media users.

Understand what’s relevant with Google+ Communities

More than anything, Google+ Communities is the forum where people share their thoughts and ideas about what is relevant in the industry or in certain niches. In order to participate, you must first be a member of Google+.

Curate lists with List.ly

Google and Yahoo! Love lists. They are easy to crawl and are quite reader-friendly. If you want to transform a post into a list, List.ly will help you do just that.

Pinterest as a leading social media tool

Clearly the fastest growing social networking site, Pinterest is a social media marketing tool that’s a virtual must-have for every Internet marketer. It’s quickly proving itself as one of the platforms that translate to successful sales.

Google Drive for seamless collaboration

Cloud-sharing is one of the most important breakthroughs in the Web 2.0, and you don’t want to miss the boat by not using Google Drive. Here, you can share your content and collaborate with your partners who may be working in other areas.

The Best Content marketing Tools

The Best Content marketing Tools

Linkdex to find out the influencers

In marketing online business 101, a rule of thumb is to find the influencers in a particular niche and find a way to connect with them. In the first place, how will you find who these credible influential authors are? Linkdex is precisely what that tool will do for you.

Prezi for a brilliant presentation

In your social marketing campaign, you want visuals that pop and make an impact. Prezi can help you achieve that goal, as it not only allows the organization and collaboration of idea, but also its transformation into a presentation bursting with innovation.

Social Crawlytics to analyze your social media reach

A key part in every social marketing campaign is evaluating just how successful and popular the content you’ve shared on your social media account is. This is where  Social Crawlytics comes in: it finds out your social media reach, and has a competitor analysis tool.

PiktoChart for infographics

If you can’t afford a graphic designer to come up with infographics for you, you might want to sign up for PiktoChart. This is a content marketing tool that’s not only easy to use, but also quickly delivers. The end result is a professionally done infographic that’s ready for sharing and online marketing.

Buffer App for all-in-one sharing

Cross-posting your content to different platform is tedious and manual, and Buffer App is the content marketing tool that will address that thankless task. With it, you can press one button and expect your content to automatically appear in your Twitter, Facebook, and other networking accounts.

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  1. Melanie says:

    Fabulous list of programs and sites to help with my content marketing and freelance writing career. There are quite a few on here I’ve never heard of. Piktochart definitely looks interesting as I’ve been planning time to learn more about infographics and how to make them. They are popular these days.

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