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10 Link Building Techniques for Business Blogs

By now, you probably understand the value of link building: the more links to your website, the better the traffic flow will be and the visibility of your website, and ultimately the opportunity to generate revenues is thus increased.

The value of link building in search engine optimization is also unquestionable: link building will help you get a top ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

1. Make a press release

Call it one of the outdated PR methods, but it remains as one of the most effective link building techniques around that will guarantee an increase in your traffic. Submit your press release in a number of either paid or free press release submission engines, and a number of websites will surely pick it up.

2. Guest blog for other sites

Look for popular blogs that fit your niche topic, and offer to guest blog for their blog. Guest blogging is mutually beneficial both for the host blog and the guest blogger. For the host blog, it will update their blog and maintain its status in search engines. As for the guest blogger (that’s you), you can give exposure to your own website and direct them to your services.

3. Boost your social media shares

This is an effort that will require you to tap into your social media expertise. Share your original and interesting updates in your website on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and get your friends to share what you have to say on their own social networks.

4. Create relatable content

Provide a few pages of your website that’s not exclusively about your product or service. Share infographics, tutorials, widgets, research reports, ebooks, or anything that’s easily shareable and will allow your readers to relate to your content. Make sure there’s a tie-in at the end of the page, though, to remind the readers that what they should be doing is to buy what you’re selling.

4. Avoid trickery and designs that are not reader-friendly

This refers to deceptive links that or ten-page slideshows that take time to load, or promise one thing yet deliver another. You want your page to quickly load in the reader’s website, and how easy it is to view from their perspective, instead of focusing on how many view you’re getting by creating a long and tedious slideshow that takes ages to load!

Link Building For Business Blog

Link Building For Business Blog

5. Don’t over-optimize

Although link building is concerned heavily with search engine optimization, there’s a certain line you shouldn’t cross—or else, you will end up sabotaging your own link building efforts.

Your blog, in a nutshell, should be search-friendly, yet not laden with keywords and be over-optimized.

6. Submit your link to RSS Feed directory

If you don’t allow RSS for your website, you better do this now. Put your product or service on an RSS feed directory, and you can easily get syndication if you update your content regularly and provide interesting content.

7. Create videos and share them

Gone are the days when people would be content with sitting down and reading what you have to say about your business. Now, you have to reach out to as many kinds of media as possible, including videos. There’s a reason why videos are such a hit: it utilizes several senses and therefore stimulates the brain more than other forms of media.

8. Take advantage of wiki sites

Look for wiki sites related to your niche topic, and post something about what your product has to offer. Wiki sites are one of the most visited resource sites these days, and you ought to take advantage of its popularity as a rich source of information.

9. Assess your progress

Create a link shortener like the Google URL shortener, which allows the tracking of clicks using that shortened link. This will allow you to find out how many clicks you’re getting from various efforts, whether from your video or your guest blog. This way, you can focus more on the link building techniques that worked for you and leave out those that didn’t.

10. Reach out and discuss

Once people flock to your site and submits comments or interacts with you through email, don’t ignore them .At some point the influx of comments and emails may be overwhelming, but you should keep in mind that getting them to stick to your product or service and even be an ambassador of it requires the establishment and sustenance of your relationship with them. This will take time, and you will have to be patient.


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