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10 Powerful Search Engine Marketing Tips

You’re getting frustrated. You have tried every SEO tip under your belt, but you’re website still isn’t ranking as high as you want for the keywords you’ve chosen.

In fact, you’re nowhere near the top, if your site is searchable at all. There are strong reasons why your website isn’t probably as strong and high-ranking as you want it to be.

As a matter of fact, you’re probably NOT doing your search engine marketing right.

1. Content is king

You’ve heard this before. You need to have good content and update your site on a regular basis, right ? Wrong!

By making content the king, you are supposed to generate excellent and unique content that can be found nowhere else but in your site!  

Make sure your site, which is your principal product and service, is outstanding: that’s a primary rule in marketing, even search engine marketing.

2. Be unique. Have a voice!

The last thing readers want is a blog or a site that has no sense of personality, talks in a very technical manner, does not relate with the audience, and… I can continue forever, but that will just lull you to sleep!

What I mean is that you have to be personal, inject humor in your valuable content (if your niche is all about health and fitness, maybe you can share an anecdote or two; don’t be afraid to draw from your hilarious experiences!), and ask them questions. Yes, questions. You’ll be surprised at how much feedback you’ll get by asking a provocative question.

3. Don’t advertise in sites. Guest post in blogs!

When was the last time you clicked on an ad? You can’t even remember, yes? That’s because even if you click on ads, the chances that it will leave a positive impression on you is very, very small. Now, on the flipside, consider guest posting.

If you get a shot at posting on another popular blog, talk about the niche topic and offer valuable content to the popular blog’s readers, and include a short link of your site, that will certainly drive traffic to your site and to your niche product or service.

4. Exchange links with other blogs and websites relevant to your niche

Networking is a crucial part of search engine marketing. Choose the blogs that are likewise interesting. By exchanging links with them, you are basically expanding the readers of your site.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

The number of sites linking to your site is also a way to increase page rank. The higher your Page Rank is, the higher your site will be in the Google search engine results.

5. Build your site design around SEO

Assuming that you already know the basic rules of SEO, you should be able to wrap the design of your blog or site around these rules. Make sure that the codes of your site have meta links, meta tags, and page titles.

You may think these are no longer important, but they still play key role in the search engine marketing of your site. They may be inconspicuous, but they’re just as important.

6. Concentrate on main keywords and latent semantic indexing

With powerful keyword research tools, you should be able to find the best keyword phrases for your site. The best keywords are not necessarily the highly searched ones, but the moderately searched phrases that have relatively low results. It’s much easier to penetrate these keywords and rank high if you work your way around it.

7. Don’t overdo your keyword density

Although keyword density is and remains to be an important aspect of search engine marketing, overdoing it is the last thing you want to do.

Having a keyword density of 2% to 4% is ideal if you don’t want to be labeled as spammy by search engines. Get some help for checking your keyword density here.

8. Think twice about blocking your domain ownership

When you register for a domain name, you have the option of making your contact details private. While this is a choice you’re free to make, you might want to think twice about it.

Google, among other search engines, might associate your domain with spam. Not only do you automatically get blacklisted, you also get a lot less benefits and disadvantages than you deserve.

9. Monitor regularly

You might be the undisputed king of SEO today, but will you still be the same tomorrow? That will most certainly not be the case.

For that, like every responsible search engine marketing expert, you should always monitor where you stand in the rankings. Check how many comments and linkbacks you’ve received. And, whatever happens, don’t break your monitoring schedule!

10. Leverage social media

We’re no longer in the olden Internet times – and that’s a good thing! Now, there are innumerable ways for you to perform search engine marketing, including getting a little help with social media.

Synchronize your site with your social networking sites and be surprised at how many impressions you get from your network and your friends’ network!

With these ten powerful search engine marketing tips, you can consider your site or blog covered. However, these aren’t steps that you can simply do once. You have to follow them through and through in order to have that high-ranking site you need for online moneymaking.

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