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10 Ways to Earn Money Through Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

You have signed up with affiliate programs network, yet you feel like you should be making more money. So, what have you been doing wrong?

Your situation could be more on what are you not doing. As you would have known by now, there are many ways to make money through affiliates program; but let us admit there are times when your website’s conversion rate is down.

Here are 10 ways to improve your earnings through pay per lead affiliate program. When you participate in pay per lead affiliate program, you will be paid a set fee for every visitor that clicks on a merchant’s link and takes action at it such as agree to email opt-in, complete an online survey, or register at the site.

1. Select affiliate programs that are relevant to your web page

Search for affiliate programs and find the ones that include products and services relevant to your web page content. From this selection, find the product or service that is enjoying high popularity and demand.

Also, choose a product that you would enjoy promoting. Remember you will be promoting these products not only through your website but through email, forum and blog comments. So, it is important to choose a product you are willing to promote.

2. Go for reputation

There are many affiliate programs to choose from, sign up with the ones with good reputations. These are the affiliate programs that pay on time, and pay you the agreed fee.

Be sure to read the affiliate agreement, specifically on how payments are made and schedule of payment.

Ensure that the affiliate program has a trusted tracking system to record all the sales and clicks made through your webpage, e-mails, blog posts, forum comments, and other advertisements.

3. Encourage your visitors to click on your affiliate link

One of the simplest ways to encourage your webpage visitor to click on your affiliate is through relevant and convincing articles.

Write a good article featuring a product or service available through your affiliate program. This will help persuade your visitor to click on that link that will take them to your affiliate merchant’s page.

Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

4. Make your affiliate product visible

Adding a link to your affiliate program is not be enough, place your link in prominently in your ad page.

Do not clutter your page that visitors can hardly see where your ads are.

5. Link and be linked

When you visit a blog site that is relevant to your niche market, send a request to the owner. Ask if he or she can link your website to his or her blog site.

You have to tell the owner that you will also link his or her blog site to your website (and be sure you really will do it). We do not want you making false promises.

6. Bring your visitors to the most relevant landing page

While you may have a good article and have convinced your visitors to click on that link, make sure that they land on the right place.

Your visitors should land where you wanted them to be, and not on another website or another page that does not require them to take action.

If you want your visitors to complete a survey, then bring them directly to the survey form. If you want them to purchase a product, bring them to the check-out page. Do not bring them to a homepage.

7. Spread the word with friends and family

Do not rely on your website alone, unless you want to limit your earning potential:

  • Send emails to people you know who may be interested in the product or service you are promoting (it is wise to start with friends and family).
  • You can also request them to forward your email to people they know who may be interested in the product.

8. Update your email subscribers

Remember that opt-in page you requested your visitors to fill-up? Now, it is time to use the email addresses you have collected.

Send the people who opted to receive updates an email about products and services you are promoting.

You can do this on a regular basis but not so often that your recipients may be annoyed and put you on their spam mail list.

9. Be everywhere – Forums, discussions, blogs, and other websites

Again, this is a world wide web. There should be enough space for you to have your presence felt. Go to forums, discussions, blogs, and other websites relevant to your affiliate product or service.

Post a comment, not just any comment but a comment that would convince other visitors to click on that link to your website and to the product or service you are promoting.

Find a way to relate your comment with the article or topic and then invite the reader to go visit your website for more details or to click on a link to buy a product.  If you write a lousy comment, your comment might end up being deleted.

10. Have fun

If you do not enjoy what you’re doing you’ll probably give up on everything and blow away your opportunities of increasing your income.

If you want to be successful in leading people to your affiliate merchant’s website, you better be good at promoting your affiliate products or services.

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