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3 New Ways on How to Monetize a Blog

Are there other ways on how to monetize a blog, aside from the traditional ones you hear about all the time? Sure, there are!

If the old methods don’t work for you in one way or another, you might want to consider these new ways of monetizing your blog.

1. Start a paywall

Traditionally, blogs would earn money by affiliate marketing revenues or ads placed in the blog. But recently, a new counter-model that might initially sound absurd has proposed a novel method to monetize a blog: by building a paywall.

Andrew Sullivan, who used to work for the The Daily Beast announced late last January that he was leaving the company to start Dish Publishing, a completely ad-free website that runs solely on subscription revenue. Free users can still read the website for a limited number of times.

Since he started the subscription-based platform, at least a third of the subscribes have paid more than the minimum amount of $19.99—proof that you can monetize a blog without placing ads in your blog.

How to Monetize a Blog and Succeed!

How to Monetize a Blog and Succeed!

2. Use the blog to launch a marketing product

This will take time but some of the best businesses were able to successfully market their products by starting a blog. One of the novel ways of how to monetize a blog, it can be used to create buzz about the product well before its slated release. The point of the blog is for you to dive head first in the industry of your chosen niche, get some followers, build credibility, and engage your audience.

You are basically using the blog as an incubator—waiting until it takes off before the product is launched.

3. Include a marketplace in your blog

You can include a mini marketplace, like the one offered by Ubokia, and place products in your chosen niche. If you blog about dogs, you can start selling products on dog  treats and accessories—and earn commission off them.

This will help you save a lot of time off, as you don’t have to focus on one specific product to market. This is a great way to monetize a blog without feeling like you’re selling out too much.

The secret to monetize a blog…

There’s another important thing to remember when you monetize a blog: don’t be afraid to start early. There’s no reason, really, why you should wait until much later on when you have thousands of readers as you monetize a blog.

You don’t have to sit it out and wait for something brilliant to happen before you finally introduce ads. This will only make your readers feel betrayed, and they will most likely leave if only because they’d feel used.

Also, understand your market well. Every niche is different, so the way you monetize a blog will vary from one topic to another. Understand what works best for the target audience of your chosen niche, to be able to

However, take note that there’s a difference between monetizing your blog early and earning money from your blog early on. The latter will take time.

Now that you’ve learned new ways on how to monetize your blog, the question is: are you ready to try out these amazing new changes?

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