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4 Blog Techniques that Drive Engagement

Blog engagement is a key element in reaping pageviews and getting your blogging efforts to pay off.

Unfortunately, not a lot of people understand what engages blog readers, putting all their efforts in vain and worse, unnoticed! Understand these four blog techniques that drive engagement—which of these have you already been following? And which among them should you start putting to action?

1. Start a countdown

A countdown will get your reader excited and motivate them to come back every so often for fresh updates leading to the final date. Just make sure that the your everyday updates are interesting and have something new to contribute to the countdown; don’t make it a simple rundown of the number of days to go before the most awaited event.

But, even more importantly, make the countdown worth the wait. The final event should be something your readers should get excited about! Perhaps you can hold a promo or celebrate a special event; either way, make a countdown to an event that your readers actually care about.

2. Hold competitions and sweepstakes!

One surefire way to drive engagement in your blog is by holding a competition or a sweepstakes. It doesn’t have to be a difficult challenge, lest you turn off your readers. Usual competitions require a comment submission or the reader to post something about your brand in their own blog.

You won’t get a lot of interested contestants if the prize isn’t something they’re interested about, they won’t even bother joining.

If you have the funds for it, why don’t you give out something big—like the latest iPad mini or a the recently released iPad? These will surely get readers crazy, you’ll get a lot of shares, and at the very least you get to spread awareness about your brand!

But what if you don’t have that much funds?

You can also give away your product or a service. It can be anything related to what you offer: a free trial period, a one-on-one tutorial, a special package—anything that your potential target market would love!

Drive blog engagement to your site

Drive blog engagement to your site

3. Create lists!

Lists are easy to read, concise, straight-to-the-point, and actionable. There’s a reason why lists are such a hit in popular websites; people can just scan through the heading without having to digest every single bit of information in the sentence. Readers in the web like their information fast—and lists supply that exact need.

4. Inject humor and character in your entries.

What’s the tone of the blogs? If you can’t find any prevailing tone, whether it be passionate or infectiously funny, then you’re in trouble! Your blogs should have a unifying tone—a voice that your readers can relate to. This tone is what will make your blog addictive to the point that your readers just have to add it in their daily reads.

With regard to the tone, consistency is key. Try not to vary the tone too much. When establishing the tone, keep your brand image in mind: if your brand or company was an actual person who writes, how will it sound like?

Driving engagement may be tricky, but it’s your doorway to streamlined pageviews by the thousands and ultimately, revenues or commissions. This will not happen overnight, and there might be a certain form that’s more engaging to readers of a particular niche than some.  That’s the reason why you should research. Check competitor websites and find out which ones get the most comments and views versus those that don’t. This will give you an idea of which blogs are such a hit to your target market.

Here are other important engagement tips to drive readers to your blog:

  •  Make sure that your blog can be shared across different social medium, like Twitter and Facebook. This will let your readers spread the word about your blog with ease.
  • Use meta tags and keywords so search engines can crawl your blogs and rank it highly in search engines for your niche topic.
  • Give a call to action. Blog readers would want a takeaway—something they can apply right away. Your blog should go past theory and philosophy and be a practical piece.
  • Include photos. This can increase engagement by as much as 39%, as it gives variety, diversity, and color to the blog.
  • Ask questions, as this is a concrete way of engaging your readers in the end and involving them in the entire thought process. It can even increase engagement by as much as 92%!

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