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5 Essential Reasons to Earn Money Online

Have you read the news today? Then you’re probably aware that the unemployed are increasingly becoming discouraged about their chances of finding a job. If you read more, then you probably know that the unemployment rate is still high at 9.7%.

That means around 15 million Americans remain jobless. There may be some uphill changes in the economy, but don’t rest on your laurels just yet. In fact, the only way out for you is probably to earn money online.

You are your own boss.

The number of successful Internet entrepreneurs are countless. There’s Andy Bryant, whose hair products have been earning a net estimate of about $300,000, or Catherine Cook, who’s earning from the success of Myyearbook.com. There are many others, even those who are earning thousands of dollars and are under 21.

The best part?

Just like you, they’re otherwise regular people who decided to start their own business online. You must be confounded by the idea of setting up your own business. Where do you start? How do you sell it? Where will you find your customers?

Earn Money Online

Earn Money Online

These questions are all valid. In fact, they’re a perfect starting point for you to start a business.

Take a deep breath, answer these questions one after the other, and start getting yourself some customers. Before you know it, you’re in charge of your own business and earn money online.

You finally get to do what you want!

Before you entered the workforce, you must have had some big plans for yourself: get into the industry you want, start your own business, be in charge of your own dreams.

And, like all the others who have gone before you, your dreams were more or less permanently sidetracked by the corporate workplace. Don’t even try to deny it: you have become a sellout.

But there’s still hope of turning that around. By deciding on what product or service you want to sell to the Internet public, you are finally getting back to where you have always wanted to be. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be a vegetarian entrepreneur or a fulltime mom who earns part time income. Whatever it is, you can finally earn money online without compromising yourself.

You’re in no constant danger of being unemployed.

With the economic downturn most countries are experiencing, you’re always in danger of being next in line. Thankfully, there are always jobs that will let you earn money online. You can always check www.odesk.com, www.rentacoder.com, or www.craiglist.com for jobs that are freshly updated every day.

You don’t have to have expert skills. In fact, you learn in the process as you earn money online—perhaps one thing most jobs don’t guarantee. All you need to do is a computer, a determined mindset, and good Internet connection. In a matter of hours, clinching a job is no less than a certainty.

You’re in a growing industry.

Have you ever wondered how many people around the world are connected to the Internet? Internet World Stats estimates that almost 2 Billion people are now in the Internet.

The Internet is growing at a rapid pace and, in the process, different ways of earning money online are sprouting like mushrooms. You can earn a part time income by simply answering surveys or blogging. You can even try contextual advertising, which is all about placing ads related to the topic of your website.

There’s no telling what other ways of how to earn money online will emerge in the following months. Whatever these ways might be, you can only watch, wait, and jump at the opportunity once it presents itself.

You can be the next big millionaire.

Meet Jason Calacanis, one of the founders of Weblogs, Inc. You might not recognize the company, but you surely recognize its widely popular blogs: Engadget, Joystiq, Blogging Baby, and Autoblog.

We can all learn a lesson from Jayson: to blog about what’s interesting and current. Each of the mentioned blogs has a niche audience, with every blog obsessively covering interesting news and tidbits about their respective niches.

Just how much are Jason’s Weblogs earning? A trip back to 2005 shows that his blogs earned about $2,800 a day. That’s almost $1 Million a year! The digits didn’t stop there, because the earnings of Weblogs multiplied so fast that it tripled in earnings in a matter of four months!

As a matter of fact, Weblogs, Inc. was finally purchased in August 2005 by America Online, a subsidiary of Time Warner. The price is said to be a staggering $30 Million! That’s not a bad price for a company that started in 2006, now isn’t it? After all, these blogs are, remember, blogs. Blogs that you can start on your own. Blogs that only require your valuable insights about a particular niche. Blogs with AdSense ads that visitors freely click. Isn’t it amazing?

Obviously, all these just show that you can start making money right now. All you have to do is jump into the ship, figure out what you really love doing, start a business or blog about it, and earn money online.

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