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6 New Ways to Make Money Online For Free

The problem about making money online is that some at some point, you might have tried everything you might have already tried the best sites for making money online, only to figure out in the end that nothing has worked for you.

The good news is that the online marketplace never runs out of ideas and every now and then, innovative and brilliant ways to earn money  come up, all ready for you to try out.

The problem with the best ways to make money online years ago is that they’re sometimes so saturated with other business-minded folk like you. Introducing your services for the first time will pit you against long-time industry professionals. This is a formidable challenge that may be impossible to overcome for those who don’t have the luxury of time.

Take a look at these new ways to make money online for free:

Etsy for your artsy, crafty side

If you have a knack for handmade crafts and vintage items, you might want to move over to Etsy. From iPad cases to tailored items, this is the go-to website of enterprising individuals who want to showcase and sell their products.

Just recently, Etsy started offering gift cards, and has ince then posted record sales. This is just growing proof that Etsy is indeed one of the go-to sites for artists to make money.

New Ways To Make Money Online

New Ways To Make Money Online

Microjobs and quick tasks for sweat-free chores

The Internet is full of odd jobs and microtasks that you might be want to take up in your free time. Check out Gigwalk, a free iPhone and Android app to make money, which looks for small gigs ranging from taking a photo of a product display or visiting a retailer for a cursory product inspection. You might also want to check out TaskRabbit, which looks for people to help in organizing events, delivering, and other on-demand jobs.

NoteHall for sharing your notes and study guides to earn money

If you’ve been diligent through your academic life, perhaps it’s might to earn money from your notes and study guides through NoteHall. You can upload your academic files for 25 cents for notes and $1 for guides.  You get a 50% commission whenever you make a sale. Obviously, this is the best way to earn money for people who have religiously transcribed their university notes.

Make  money with video games

This may sound incredible, but you can also earn money by playing video games. Take the case of World of Warcraft gold farmers who make a lot of money getting and selling gold online. Not only do you earn quick money online, you also get to have fun in the process. A warning though: video games can get very addictive.

Share your artistic abilities to make money online

Are you an up and coming singer, filmmaker, or author? You might want to check out CreateSpace, a website owned by Amazon, where your e-book, computer wallpaper, song, or amateur film can get picked up and sold online.

Start a blog network syndicate

If you’re ready to go on the business side of things, easily at the top of the best ways to earn money online for free is by starting a blog network of your own, like GigaOmniMedia or Weblogs. This is in no way an easy business, and you will have to work your way up for quite a while, but it’s without question a sustainable and promising venture.

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  1. RobP says:

    Etsy isn’t free, but it is a great way to make some extra money for artist and craftspeople. It costs 20c per listing, but the listing can last 4 months. There is a sale fee as well. I’d be very curious about different ways to make money playing video games. Selling gold is against the rules, by the way, in World of Warcraft. I do know someone who makes their living designing clothes and hair for Second Life. I find that amazing.

  2. Kale Harmon says:

    It is outstanding to think that people are earning a living making virtual goods like Rob said. I wish I were more skilled in 3D modelling and graphics in general. The programs are so expensive though to get started. I like the sound of NoteHall a lot. I still have quite a lot of notes from University classes that I could share. It seems a great way to get a little bit of residual income coming in.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I’ve become increasingly interested in micro-jobs sites lately. They’re definitely popular, and, if you have a quick and easy something to offer, you can make decent money with them. I’d never heard of taskrabbit before. Definitely a new one to check out. One thing I have noticed is that there are so many of these sites it is really important to narrow down your focus.

  4. Jimto says:

    These are some of the unique ways to make money online if I may add. I have been looking for more ways to make money in the internet and by far you have given some of the unique ideas that can benefit people like me. Thank you for this post and hope you can share more.

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