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Ten Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

If you’re an avid internet enthusiast, then I’m sure you have heard about affiliate marketing at least once or twice before.

Affiliate marketing means promoting an existing product or service peddled by your would-be partners. You as an affiliate can earn directly from a sale the moment your referrals end up purchasing their products or using their services.

Think it’s easy? Most people browse online catalogue only for them to leave the website eventually. The key in affiliate marketing is to not lose their interest.

Everybody is a potential customer, so you should find ways to ensure they don’t stray. Doing that is how affiliate marketers earn their keep! All it takes is for you to follow a few simple steps towards affiliate marketing success.

Let me break each step down for you:

1. Pick a theme

It all starts with discovering the right subject matter that you can relate to. Don’t just promote the first thing that comes to your mind. Consider what’s current and what’s popular, and what interests you too.

If it’s something you think you would want to be part of then it must be promising to sell. Spend time researching about what people are looking for and how they look for it, even what they say about it.

  • Deliberate on the topic well enough to understand if you can encourage others towards a successful purchase.
  • Make sure it’s not too broad or too vague; this way you can already imagine a target market.
  • Profitability is crucial; I’m sure you wouldn’t want to invest on something where you won’t fully benefit from.

Once you’ve got it all laid down, then you’re ready for the next step.

2. Know your product or service

You’ve got a theme, now you need to choose a product or service. Enumerate all those that fall under that exact theme, and then drill down to the most popular ones.

See how sellers operate their business. Start by checking their homepage for these attributes: product pages should keep customers well-informed and uncluttered, or even has its own reliable customer service.

  • Does the business owner provide a way for you to fully launch a marketing campaign?
  • Are the prices within the reach of the average consumer?

If you’re market is fairly small but substantial, you won’t need to do much for customers to come to you. A huge market would be great only if you promote a wide spectrum of products and services within your theme. To become an effective affiliate marketer, select products and services that you think is best for your target market and niche marketing efforts.

3. Conduct your own keyword research

An effective affiliate marketer can only attract followers if he or she uses the right tools. Web analytics can give you what you need in terms of tracking and monitoring, but before that your online business needs keywords.

That’s right, obtaining the right keywords for your products and services can be the first real step in marketing them. These keywords should be what your possible customers are using to search your products. Choose keywords that have high searches with less competition.

One tip is to prefer using exact phrases instead single keywords to match certain needs of your target market that will likely lead them to your product website.

4. Create your affiliate marketing website

Now’s the time to get a domain name and hosting account (Knowing which keywords to use for targeting can help you in selecting your website’s domain name). You need to make certain that your website will be on the top of search results to gain attention of consumers.

For that to happen, incorporate your keywords into your domain name, and check if using these can help your website appear frequently on the first few pages, if not the very first result on search engines. Get a domain name that’s product friendly, user friendly and search engine friendly for it to be a rock-star domain.

5. Grow your affiliate marketing website

It doesn’t end with registering the domain. What’s next is to structure your website in such a way that it appeals to online shoppers, and don’t make the mistake of designing your website around a shopping directory or product index. Instead, focus on establishing a presence first, drawing curiosity and providing relevant content.

Similar to a website for hobbyists that generates their awareness because of shared interests, your website should catch the eye of your customers.

Think about how people may benefit from going to your website, and use this to leverage your website’s user interface.

6. Produce kick-ass articles

These articles are written to promote product purchases but should be fresh, remarkable and engaging for your customers to read.

Remember to utilize your keywords in each article to help it land high on the search results. Make these quite short and easy to read so as not to bore your customers.

You can choose to submit these to well-known article directories such as ezinearticles.com, articlesbase.com and goarticles.com to encourage more hits.

7. Link back to other sites

The secret to a successful promotion is to connect with others online, just like how it is in real life, i.e. network around other affiliate marketers or other online merchants for your affiliate marketing website not to falter.

Affiliate Marketing - Become a Partner

Affiliate Marketing - Become a Partner

Get the word out by link building…

simply linking back to popular websites that may or may not be related to the products you sell. Encourage fellow marketers, bloggers and product reviewers to join forces and associate their sites with yours.

8. Promote, promote, promote

Do this nonstop to steer people towards your site. Link exchange is nothing new, but you can support this by launching an email campaign, maintaining online contacts, writing press releases, and doing search engine optimization.

Check out how pay per click ads or visiting various forums can help you. Either way, the only thing that matters is the more people get to know your website, the higher commissions you get.

9. Monitor your performance

Verify how your affiliate website is doing by carrying out tests on user activity and assessing results on your web analytics tools. See which promotions are helping you and stop doing those that do not contribute anything to your website so as not to waste your time.

You can easily see which search engines and keywords work best too, and start figuring out which ones to retain and to let go.

10. Don’t get anxious

Relax and let your website do the work. Reviewing data through analytics may be a bit nerve-wracking, but getting apprehensive in the first few weeks isn’t going to help.

Sit on it and allow ample time for the website to develop a following and sooner or later you’ll find yourself an audience.

Affiliate marketing has been prevailing as a trend for years, lauded as among the most straightforward means of generating income online. It may seem downright easy, but in reality it also takes some work in order for you to become successful.

Making money online can be quite challenging, but the rewards are absolutely worth it. All you need to invest is a little bit of your time and some cash, and you can reap the fruits of your labor in no time at all.

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