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Blogging Smarter in 2013: Resolutions You Need for A Great Moneymaking Blog

If the past years have proven anything, it’s that social media is here to stay.

As you approach 2013 with a clear vision of success in making money online, you can’t deny the increasing importance that blogging plays into your entire online moneymaking scheme.

And this is precisely why blogging smarter has never been more important in 2013 than in any other year.

Why you need to blog

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you don’t need a lot of persuading to realize why you need blogging for money.

1.  Search engine sites crawls websites on a regular basis.

Today you may enjoy your status atop the search engine sites, but without fresh content, you’re guaranteed to lose that privilege any moment soon. Blogging smarter means providing keyword-relevant content and newsy information, lest you lose in the SEO game.

2. You can use the blog to build the trust of your audience.

More than expanding your bottomline, the name of the game these days is customer loyalty. Just like any other relationship, the road leading to loyalty is long, circuitous, and requires regular sustenance. Blogging smarter means that you know what your end goal is: to earn audience trust.

3. Your business gives your company a voice.

How else will your prospective customers find out who you are, and what your voice is, unless you talk to them through your blog? The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can blog smarter with content that reflects what you business is all about.

BUT there’s a downside to blogging: it takes an awful lot of time.

Blogging smarter is NOT dedicating longer hours to researching content. Neither is it about finding the best leads. It is most certainly not about

So here’s the deal for you this 2013. If you really want to move forward as business, and you’re serious about blogging smarter, then you have to make a few resolutions that will propel you to greater heights.

Make Money Blogging

Build Community

THIS 2013, I will offer share and follow buttons on my blog

Blogging has gone even further than engage readers; the readers can even be ambassadors themselves. This can be done by letting them share the blog entry in their own social networks. This follows a classic marketing rule: that you should let your customers sell your product for you. This will be a lot easier for them if you offer share and follow widgets in your blog.

THIS 2013, I will follow their behavior

The best way to understand your audience is to make a careful and deliberate effort to follow their behavior. Blogging smarter doesn’t end at posting the blog entry; a great deal of follow-up is also required.

Join them in their networks—Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquared, and other up and coming social networks that social media users tune in to.

Follow and befriend your readers. It sounds tedious and requires a lot of effort alright, but not only will this give them a sense of importance, it will also allow you to have an inside look at what they’re thinking and what will most likely get them to buy your product or service.

THIS 2013, I will delegate, delegate, delegate

The best business leaders do what they do best: lead. If you spend so much time updating your blog, you will most likely get drowned in the long winding process—from finding relevant topics to managing comments.

Delegating your blogging function will take a load of time off your shoulders, and will help you focus on what really needs to be done: making money online. If blogging is an ancillary function of your business, then you should be spending less time blogging, and more time making money.

How do you do delegate your blogging function?

Fortunately, there’s a sea of experts there who are good, even excellent, at what they do. Here’s what you can do.

1. Find contractors who are experts in your blogging platform

If your blog makes use of WordPress, find a developer who can integrate new designs, install plugins, and add developments from time to time. Among popular developments that can be added are online cart integration, migration of listings and blogs, security and heightened protection, specialized research, and so on

2. Find a designer

Blogging smarter also means having a visually and aesthetically pleasing blog. While you can use—and even buy—standard themes, the best ones are usually made by designers themselves. Perhaps 2013 is the time for you to completely redesign your blog. While you’re on it, don’t forget to attune the design to your infographics, newsletters, and ads.

With these changes in mind, the ultimate question begs itself: will these resolutions pay off in the end? As in making money online, you won’t get rich overnight. Blogging smarter is a strategy that will take a little while before you see your bottom line expand, but one thing is sure and unquestionable: with these resolutions in place, it will certainly expand.


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