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Building Effective, Mind Blowing Landing Page

If it is human nature to judge a book by its cover or if it is true that first impression lasts, it is just fitting then that we create a landing page that is effective and mind blowing.

Landing page is the same as the lead capture page. This is the page that shows when a visitor click on a link.

Thus, a landing page could either be your home page, another page on your website, a pop-up page or even a light-box. As landing page is where your visitor will be brought to after clicking on a link of your website, you might as well use the landing page effectively.

Remember, a landing page can function as advertisement page and if you do it right, one click on your webpage can definitely land you a sale.

Let me show how this is done…

Perfect Match – Landing Page That Match the Need of Your Visitor

Remember that your landing page is where your visitor goes to after clicking on a link. This link can either be from your website or from another website.

Thus, it is important that you know where the visitor is coming from as well as their demographics, including their interest. Let us say, you put a link on a website on stamps and your service-product is forex trading. How will you create a landing page for visitors coming from a philatelic website?

Easy! Create a landing page that will show your visitor how forex trading is related to stamp collecting. You can include on your landing page the benefits that a stamp collector could get if he buys your product-service.

Still confused? What I am saying is you provide a landing page that match the need of your visitor. This is important because it is what will keep your visitor interested, engaged, and click on that purchase button.

Your landing page should give visitors exactly what they are looking for. Another pitfall to avoid is to embed too many pages and too many link buttons. Your prospective buyer might get distracted by too many link buttons and you can lose them before you can even make a sales pitch.

Banners for Landing Page Example

Perfect Timing – When to Show (Where to Put) the Landing Page’s Link

Now that you know the importance of landing page, the next important thing you should remember is timing. If you can create a landing page that matches your visitors needs, it is important to know when to show the link and when to create landing pages.

As per experience, there is no specific perfect timing, but every time is a perfect timing. Whenever you have control where visitors would be coming from, create a landing page for your specific goal. You should create a landing page for your goals such as sign-ups or opt-ins, registrations, and sales.

This is very useful and worthwhile especially if you are the one paying for the website traffic with pay-per-click, sponsor links, or banner ads. And even if you are not the one paying for the traffic, you should still create a landing page to make more money.

You can do this by incorporating affiliate programs, sponsored links, and opt-in pages. So, you see whether you are the advertiser or the website owner, you need a landing page.

Perfect Content – All the Features and Benefits of Your Service-Product

This is the most important part of your landing page. Now, you know how to match your landing page with your visitor, you should conceptualize your landing page in such a way that the only way out is for the visitor to buy your product, avail of your service, register for your update reports, or to use the back button to your homepage.

One way to achieve this is to create a focus landing page. It should show all the features of your service-product as well as enumerate the benefits that a customer would be getting when they purchase your product.

Do not forget to create an attention-grabbing headline! You do not have to resort to tabloid-style headlining to get the attention of your visitor, play with words and language use. Create headlines that are engaging as they are informative. Let your creative juices flow.

Speaking of creativity, make sure that the images and animations you put on your landing page are out to capture the visitors’ attention and convince them to stay and look at your product.

Of course, your ultimate goal is to have your visitors click on the purchase button. Sometimes graphics, images, and animation can be disturbing and drive visitors away. Use also the right color for your landing page. Make sure that the colors are attractive but not blinding, and that the colors will highlight the product or service you are offering. A wrong choice of color can make you lose a potential customer and a good sale.

When building landing pages, you do not have to make it perfect but with timing, content, and design you would be able to match customer needs and make a sale. Again, just a perfect dose of everything: from the colors to the designs and from the headline to the text. Make an effective landing page, and surely you will land on a big sale!

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