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Can You Make Money with High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIP)?

High Yield Investment. The very sound of it is music to the ears, isn’t it? A quick and unsolicited search will lead to innumerable results that promise quick and high-yield profits of your initial investment.

All of these programs will most likely invite you to join a program that promises as much as 100% of your money in return.

The big questions include: should these high yield investment programs even be trusted in the first place? Are they just out to get your hard-earned money? Are programs like these even feasible, and more importantly, sustainable? These questions are perfectly warranted.

In fact, you asking these questions is a sign that you cannot be as easily fooled when it comes to online moneymaking as most other folks!

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An example of HYIPs

To answer the main question of this post, which I already conveniently mentioned in the title, I will have to answer four extremely necessary questions related to high yield investment programs.

1. How do High Yield Investment Programs Work?

Most people who join HYIP are scammed because they don’t know how these programs work in the first place. A principal rule in online moneymaking is to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Sadly, most people who want to make money online don’t, so they end up losing their precious money in the long run.

HYIPs are pretty self-explanatory. You give – or in this case, invest – a certain amount of money in an online enterprise. You are then promised returns of usually 1% or 2% daily. Do the simple math and you can easily get at least 365% return on your investment in a year.

HYIPs usually get their money from new investments that will then be funneled to the initial investors. They are also usually tied to the Forex market – which is perfectly understandable. The survival rate of HYIPs in the Internet is quite low and usually survives only for the first 10 to 18 months. In some cases, they can even be lower.

2. So Where Can I Find Legitimate HYIPs?

With the seemingly fishy way high-yield investment programs work, is there even any chance at all that some of them are legitimate? Don’t worry, there are a few that are legitimate and have evidence to back it up.

I have to reiterate, though, that legitimate high yield investment programs can be a gem in the rough to find. With that said, how can you tell if a high yield investment is legitimate? Here are three indicators:

  • Transparency when it comes to the management and the exact location of the program. The HYIP must be confident enough to disclose details about where to find them.
  • Stability in the industry. An excellent indicator of an HYIP’s legitimacy is how long it has been in the industry. The longer it has been operating, the more credible they are. However, this is enough guarantee to confidently say that the HYIP is not a scam.
  • Believable Returns. If the return of investment of a program is as much as 30% to 50% more in a month, then you better stay away from it altogether. Any model like this is simply unsustainable.

3. How do I know if a High Yield Investment Program is Fooling with Me?

Thankfully, there are a number of ways for you to find out if the HYIP you’re eying is legitimate or not. As I’ve mentioned, if an HYIP promises to return as much as half of your money back in a month, it will most likely fall apart in a few months, maybe even weeks. Take the example of one of the biggest HYIP scams in history, where David Copeland, founder of OSGold HYIP , was arrested.

You can also tell if an HYIP is fooling with you if there’s no single real person behind the project. The program can easily fabricate a fictional person that doesn’t even exist! Make sure that the owner of the HYIP is someone that really exists. A simple Google search will do the trick.

Lastly, these schemes will usually involve themselves with trading and tie-ups with financial institutions just to sound credible. Your best bet is to contact the financial institution they claim to have an affiliation with and check the facts yourself. This is an advice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) itself.

4. Can You Make Money Quick and Fast with a High Yield Investment Program?

The very nature of HYIPs make it easy for you to earn money in a quick and fast way – provided that the program is legitimate and will not run away with your money before your eyes can even see it!

However, there’s a way for you to work your way around HYIPs. You can invest your money on new HYIPs that have guaranteed payouts. Once you get twice your money’s worth for about two to three months’ time, you can then withdraw your participation and call it quits.

The HYIP may prove to be a failure in the long run, but you’ve still gotten the very essence of what a high yield investment is supposed to be.

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