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Home Based Customer Service Representative

One of the greatest work at home jobs is a customer service representative. Once you have already decided to work from home and you have the right skills for it, being a customer service representative can be rewarding as well as satisfying. Find out all you need to know to become one.

Many companies outsource their call centers in order to save costs. Call centers also save on operational costs by employing home based workers so less office space is needed and lower electric bills and municipality taxes are paid.

Almost anybody has a fairly good computer at home. Most of home computers today are many times stronger than before and can sustain commercial customer service software successfully. You will probably also need a landline dedicated to this service which will be used to reroute the incoming calls from the call center to you using the new easy call forwarding technologies available today.

You would be surprised to learn that some job offers in this field will include paid training, rewards for achievements and even pension plans.

So, what does it take and what kind of job is this? Although the work is at home, you may find yourself doing many of the same tasks as in an office. Things like telemarketing, taking orders and selling for online retailers, providing technical support for software and hardware manufacturers as well as “Post-Sale” customer service for retailers and making reservations for travel services as well.

Working as a customer service representative entails:

  • self-motivation
  • strong work ethic
  • the ability to work without physical interaction with people or direct boss
  • to have internet and computer skills
  • to have the right attitude

Patience and professional phone presence needed to interact with people with problems who might be angry or impatient, rude or sometimes obnoxious and make them satisfied with the service given, gain their trust and solve their problems.

The benefits of working as a customer service representative from home include:

  • saving on child care (although call centers usually do not allow interferences or crying noise to be heard on these call)
  • saving on traveling costs to work and back
  • saving the time it takes commuting back and forth
  • saving on special work wardrobe
  • food and beverage costs
  • being able to see your children grow up and not missing anything

Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

If you add all these expenses saved, to the salary paid as a customer service representative, although is not high, you end up bringing a good extra income into your household.

Of course the hours can be flexible at some places, allowing you to split your work day in order to take care of the children coming back from school, or doing anything else for that matter.

Search for ads on the internet, and make sure you know how many hours you need to put in, if you can determine your own work hours, how do you get paid, what are the technical requirements of each job and whether or not you have any sort of benefits.

Use this free time you have to increase your family’s income and have a better life.

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