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Earn Money Online with the Four Types of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has never been this popular. In fact, I’ve already comprehensively covered it in my previous entries. But what makes it so popular in the first place?

For one, affiliate marketing provides an excellent income opportunity to an affiliate marketer with an investment that only involves the marketer’s efforts. There is no need to stress over the supply of the product or the distribution of goods.

Another reason is that affiliate marketing provides marketers with a means to earn passive income. Compared to some moneymaking opportunities, you don’t need to check on the articles or websites you have created every so often. Once it’s done effectively, you can more or less expect to earn a steady residual income. If both reasons are sufficient enough to convince you to try affiliate marketing yourself, then it’s about time you know what the different types of affiliate marketing are.

There are four types of affiliate marketing that you should know. Not all of them will work for you, so you must carefully choose which affiliate program you are joining.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC marketing is closely associated with Google’s affiliate marketing program, Google AdSense. It’s probably the most simple as well. All you have to do is place the text ad in your website. Google will then find the most contextual ads in relation to you website based on the keywords of your website.

Applying for a Google AdSense program is quite easy, provided that your site receives enough valid traffic. Another benefit of this type of program is that you don’t have to proactively sell anything in order to make money.

Aside from AdSense, there are other types of affiliate marketing programs that will pay you if you drive traffic to their website. However, if you want to stick to a stable company that truly pays, then AdSense is your best bet.

Google AdSense Example

Pay Per Lead (PPL)

Some companies have an affiliate program that pays you for every lead you make. A lead is accomplished whenever a certain action is done by a visitor. For example, an insurance company that requires its people to fill in an application form or at least send in their email addresses will pay you based on the number of application forms and email addresses that you are able to drive to them. Here’s a list of pay per lead programs.

Of all the types of affiliate marketing programs, this may not sound as lucrative. However, you will be surprised at how many people have become rich off pay per lead programs.

Pay Per Sale (PPS)

Used by most companies, this type of affiliate program is the most popular among the types of affiliate program. It’s also the hardest, as you will be paid a certain percentage of the sales for every product that your ad was able to make. Your income is based on a commission basis, and will usually give you around 4 to 10% of the product sold by the website.

In looking for a PPS program, don’t rely on the percentage alone. Also consider the price of the product you are selling. If the product is not that expensive to start off, then you only get a small amount for every product your ad is able to make.

Pay Per Sale - Clickbank Example

Although a potentially viable means of income, you might want to stick to the other types of affiliate marketing before trying out this one.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

I’ve already explained MLM before, but were you aware that it stands as one of the popular types of affiliate marketing? The first three types of affiliate marketing will pay you based on direct traffic, leads, or sales. On the other hand, this marketing program will pay you based on the clicks, sales, and leads of the affiliate you have recruited.

However, this will also require you to exert a little more effort by recruiting other affiliates as well. You can earn money from as much as the fifth tier – which basically means that you’re earning money from the recruits of the affiliate you have recruited yourself, up to the fifth degree! SiteSell is one of the sites that has a five-tier affiliate marketing program.

These types of affiliate marketing require different levels of effort and time. If you don’t think you can commit as much, then you better stick to the basic ones, like PPC programs. However, this will require you to develop the niche topic of you site and to find top paying AdSense keywords.

In the more complex types of affiliate marketing, such as the MLM, you will be required to invest time in recruiting affiliates. You will need to be hands on and proactive in networking yourself and the affiliate product in every way imaginable. In the end, it all depends on which one you feel most strongly about, right?

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