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Effective Techniques to Market Your Online Business Offline

As business competition nowadays is becoming fierce and deadly, it is not only necessary, but mandatory to have a working website if you want your business to survive online.

Unfortunately, however, having a working Website – no matter how loaded it is with keywords – is only half of the battle.

The ultimate pathway to success is a combination of online and offline advertising techniques where you are able to showcase your services or products in a wider and real market. The following are the most effective offline advertising techniques to market your online business:

Start with Your Family and Friends

The greatest mistake of many small business owners (that I hope you are not doing) is that they try to separate business from family life. Though this is a good ingredient to having a solid family, yet it may work to your own advantage if you start using your family time to market your online business.

The best approach available for you is to create an awareness among your family and friends regarding the nature of your business. Once you have fully explained how you operate and how your business works, your family and friends can become human tools for your offline advertising campaign. They will recommend your business to their contacts.

By offering business incentives to your relatives and friends, you increase the chances of stimulating word of mouth advertising for your business. The most successful technique used by many small business owners is to reward every generated lead with a small token or a gift. Using discount coupons to be distributed is also a proven method of offline advertising.

Promote Your Website Offline

Though paying a small advertising space in a newspaper or magazine remains to be a good method of offline advertising, yet it can also be very expensive. As a business owner, you are naturally creative to find ways to make your online business become successful. One of the most overlooked methods of offline advertising that many business owners fail to remember is to promote their websites offline.

Market Your Online Business Offline - Car Ad

Market Your Online Business Offline - Car Ad

The best way to do it is to give away business cards with your website link printed on them. As an added information about your business, it is also important to include your contact information and other links to your social media profiles, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace or Twitter.

There is a great chance that other people may become interested in checking your business online.

Convert Your Cars into Mobile Billboards

If you are not comfortable installing decals in your private cars, there are other effective methods in transforming your car into a powerful offline advertising tool.

The most common technique used by many business owners is to attach a magnet with your branding along with your Website.

In this way, you are able to transform an irritating traffic jam into a huge marketing venue. You have to make sure, however, that your signs are clear and readable for everybody around you to clearly see and notice.

Forget About Competition for a Moment, Dialogue with Other Businesses

The existence of other businesses may seem to be a threat against your existence. However, to develop a healthy competition with other business owners, you have to transform competition into complement. By doing this, you are basically using your competitors as marketing tools for your own advantage.

The best way to do it is to exchange discount coupons with them. By promoting your competitor’s business, you also promote your business while your competitor promotes yours. This is two-way method of offline advertising.

As you can see, promoting your online business through offline techniques is another way of achieving that much awaited success. It only takes a little your creativity to fully unravel your business’ potentials. In most cases, offline advertising are cheap and affordable, if not totally free. So use the many methods of offline advertising available to you.

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  1. Mastermo411 says:

    Great Post! I have been looking at different types of advertising for my business and stumbled on this idea about “Ads Everywhere”. Check it out here http://bit.ly/asDEdT Does anything like that exist? Thanks for any info.

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