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Email Marketing – Is It So Obvious?

When thinking about Email Marketing, one might think it’s a clear case of simple direct internet marketing at it’s best.

Is it? Do you know that emails might not get delivered at all? Know the rules of Email Marketing? Learn basic tips and tricks along with a little philosophy.

Whether you have a product to sell or you want to endorse other person’s products using email marketing, the first thing you need is an audience. The right mailing list is the first step to start off your email marketing strategy and to generate any benefit at all.

ListBuildingClubYou can buy mailing lists from suppliers who collect email addresses, which might costs you a bundle, or you can set up your own operation and collect email addresses yourself, by building a web site, appealing enough to the target audience of your niche, getting them to write down their email addresses. Sounds simple? It might be.

How to do that? You need to give something away for free. Create a web page inviting people to sign up to your list by offering them something worth their time. Good website marketing obliges you to give Information, insight and secrets about the niche people are looking into or a free newsletter or guide. Some even send a CD.

Usually, the free stuff is very helpful and is significant in the recipients search. You can look into this cool site www.listbuildingclub.com. This will generate trust and make it more likely for the recipients to open your emails and more likely they will listen to your advice and buy what you recommend them to buy.

Getting people to want to receive emails from you is probably the best leg-up you will ever get, and by achieving this, you can make a great impact for your cause. It’s not enough to have mailing lists for people, who do not know you, and one sunny day, just receive an email from you. The difference is immense. Creating your own email list this way makes sure your audience is now listening.

Now, get ready for some philosophy. Some marketers consider bulk mailing and just high quantity as the goal of email marketing while others believe that quality email marketing is eventually, the only way to go. They speak of the email marketing ability to start dialogue, to develop relationships and create loyalty with all subscribers. By not doing that you risk wasting money, and worse, Emails set the perception of your business. Bad email marketing results in bad business.

Once people have signed up to your list it is so important to provide them with quality information. For good email marketing, Send emails often enough and consistently contact your subscribers to keep your audience responsive, but not too often that they get overwhelmed and shut down. Send only to those who need and are interested in what you offer.

The key in this philosophy is to be attentive. How you handle requests or resolve problems shapes the way your subscribers feel and can affect whether they continue this relationship, unsubscribe or report you as spam.

The Next step to an effective email marketing strategy is having the right software to manage your subscriber list. Bulk email programs, which with you can create professional-look emails and an editor, simple enough to use yet having the capability to design creative campaigns and the ability to create an auto-responder so you can manage your email marketing strategy automatically. But, make sure you are in full control of your email program. No emails can go out without the same care and attention you give your whole business marketing campaign.

Spam filter can destroy your email marketing strategy in a minute. Don’t try to send the emails from you own email box. Trying to deliver the emails yourself through your own email service leaves you vulnerable to a lot of trouble. It only takes a few spam complaints to get your supplier to shut you down. Using other domains is a good solution providing these domains are not on spam lists their selves. Also, you need to learn which words to avoid in order for you not to be labeled as spam even before your recipients get your emails. Wrong wording in your subject line or in the actual content of your email might determine if your emails will ever be delivered at all.

All this not mentioning that Email marketing is a highly competitive field. You are always a second away from losing your subscriber for another email he or she receives. Also, the subscribers are getting harder and harder to please.

But what’s next? Got everything ready? Now, its time to write to your audience. You cannot blow it now. One wrong move and you’ve lost your audience forever. Usually, first impressions determine your success.
You should grab the recipient’s attention in the subject line and ensure it matches the content of your email. You have to write your message in a short, concise manner. There is a short span of attention given to you. Use it properly. Minimize the sales pitches and add a friendly and personalized tone to your emails. Tell personal stories so your subscribers can get to know who sent them the email and whom they might be doing business with.

By implementing Email marketing services you can correspond with a great number of prospective customers from your target audience. Assess the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy on a regular basis. Check your program and see if it generates good results. Be flexible and ready for change.


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  1. Lionel Jones says:

    “Thanks” to those who considered quantity above quality, nowadays people rarely leave their often used email address and they sign up for a secondary email they just leave at any subscription, tired of deleting spam messages. So those who plan on buying mailing lists, think again.

    I agree with you on the personal touch on the mail, as the recipient should not have the impression you are selling, but the impression you are sharing, that this email is for a friend. People are tired of reading reviews, they want to feel something special.

  2. krishna says:

    It is So Obvious

    thank you!

  3. Hai
    It is truely Obvious because To get the best results in email marketing, it’s important to send relevant information to the right people at the right time. Not only is email marketing the smartest way to instantly promote your business and drive traffic to your website, it’s also the most cost-effective method at a fraction of the cost of traditional direct mailing.

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