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Essential Tools to Track Your Money-Spending Habits

We’ve all been there! You buy a few things here and there in your favorite online shop, and without even realizing it, you’ve bought far too much already.

Before you know it, your finances have gone awry and you don’t have enough money to put into your savings account. Worse, you don’t have enough money to live for the next few days until your next paycheck arrives!

I don’t want you to use up what you’ve earned online just because of your odd money spending habits. That’s why I have prepared for you a list of online tools to help you with money spending and financial management.


With over 1 million people registered in this site, Mint.com has cemented its reputation as one of the top money management and budgeting tools online. Compared to other management tools that will charge you as much as $100 for services that Mint offers for free.

With this money spending tool, you get to sync all your accounts to get a view of how much you are spending using your credit, ATM or debit card. You can also use the tool to set a budget and get an alert whenever you’re spending more than you should.

As if the features of Mint aren’t enough, they even have a list of awards to back up their increasing popularity. Among the many awards they have won are the best online personal finance tool from PC Magazine, PC World’s Editor’s Choice, and Money Magazine.

Here’s a complete list of awards they’ve won since 2010.


You can also access this money-spending control tool from your iPhone (Other versions for other smartphones are still in the planning process).

Mint iPhone App


The popularity of Mint is matched by another equally reputable money spending and money management tool: Quicken by Intuit. What makes Quicken stand out as a financial manager is the possibility of checking your financial state with color-coded graphs and pie charts.


You can also download Quicken from iPhone. Fast and free, this application will automatically synchronize with your online account and continue to track your spending habits with ease.


Before you set up an account with MySpendingPlan, there will be an online interview to determine your money spending habits. With this online tool, you can then start planning for big expenses that have yet to come – like that big wedding or your dream vacation.


MySpendingPlan will also help you find free grocery and fitness coupons, among other things. In ten minutes, you can start budgeting your finances and create a solid spending plan. Maybe this is exactly what you need to finally set a detailed budget for your online business, eh?


With Moneytrackin’, you can tag your own purchases in categories that you feel comfortable about. For example, you can tag purchases as either “wise_investments” or “discounted_buys”. With the freedom to create your own tags, you can finally get to assess the general state of your money spending habits.


Although you won’t be able to link Moneytrackin with your bank accounts, you still get to use this service for absolutely free.


Here’s another free money spending tracker that will help you manage your money easily: Mvelopes. What makes this software a certified hit is the possibility of allocating money to virtual envelopes.

Each envelop is reserved for a particular category – be it your monthly utility bill, your children’s monthly allowance, your weekly food expenses, and so on. With these mvelopes, you can be sure that you’re setting aside money you have for non-negotiable things that you will need to spend within a specific timeframe.


The only downside, perhaps, is that you will have to pay for the service for around $7.90 a month for two full years. You can try the 14-day free service to see if this tool is exactly what you need.


For those who need help not only controlling their money spending habits but also paying back debts, DestroyDebt is the perfect management tool.

You can register an account to compare and contrast debt payment methods and at the same time track your spending habits. With its budget tracker and debt tracker tools, you can strike a balance to your finances back again.

With the above choices, there’s bound to be one money spending tool that fits your needs perfectly. If you’ve never done a comprehensive accounting of your finances before, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Trust me; you’ll feel a lot better if you have full knowledge of where your money is going and coming from!

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  1. Celine says:

    Here is another great personal finance manager https://www.inexfinance.com/. It lets you create monthly budgets by spending categories, set notifications when you exceed your budget allocations, track your daily income and expense transactions and much more. It’s a free web-based personal finance software, so you don’t have to pay for it or download anything.

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