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8 Factors that Influence Your Blog Earnings

With millions of blogs on every imaginable topic, most people have simply brushed aside the idea of making money online through blogging.

If you think otherwise, then I couldn’t agree with you more. Earning money by blogging is a great way to talk about the things you are passionate about and at the same time generate a steady stream of income.

However, a lot of people have failed in their attempts to earn money online and wasted precious time in building a blog that did not click with its target market. The reason? They did not pay equal attention to the 8 factors that influence blog earnings.

1. Search Engine Optimization

You blog entries must be searchable. Contrary to what you think, search engine optimization is not just a term you can associate with affiliate marketing. You don’t have to be an expert in search engine optimization; you just have to know the basics such as:

  • Highly searched keywords
  • Keyword density
  • Number of sites linking in to your blog

Building a search engine optimized site requires careful calculation in your part. You must continually link with other sites in order for them to link back to you. At the same time, you must make sure that your blogs contain keywords that are based on the things people are looking for in the same niche category.

For you to find out what these words are, you will need the help of keyword research tools.

Blog Earning - Important Factors

Blog Earning - Important Factors

The more search engine optimized your site is, the more it will consistently be displayed among top search engine results.

In the long run, your blog’s earnings will be determined by how optimized your site is.

2. Targeted Traffic

How many people regularly visit your sites? What is the trend of traffic in your blog over time? These are questions concerning the traffic reception of your blog.

The more targeted website traffic your blog has, the more valuable it will seem to advertisers. Before you can even have lucrative blog earnings, you must make your blog increase its worth.

3. Advertising Space

There are many ways for you to earn with your blog. You can independently sell advertising space to companies. If you decide to adopt this business model, you will have to scout for advertisers that are willing to put up banner ads in your blog.

You will also have to create a proposal that not only aims to persuade them to advertise in your site, but also explain what the terms of the banner ads are. This includes the size of the ad, the duration, etc.

Another way for you to have blog earnings is by subscribing to Google AdSense. To do this, you first have to find top paying AdSense keywords for your site. Your blog earnings, in this model, will be determined by how many people actually click on the ads.

4. Choose a Niche Topic

The topic of your blog also factors in your blog earnings. If it involves issues that are dynamic and of interest to a certain group of people, then you can implement niche marketing tactics and your earnings will be positively affected. If, on the other hand, there’s nothing new or reflective about your niche topic, then not a lot of people will visit your blog and, therefore, you will not earn as much.

Before you even start a blog, think of a passion that is shared by a lot of people. After doing so, conduct a simple research on how many people are looking for resources or insights on the same topic.

5. Your Personality

If you noticed, the most popular blogs are not afraid to infuse personality and tone in their entries. If you really want to make money blogging, don’t hesitate to show your true self as you talk about topics ranging from health and fitness to finance.

Your opinions are exactly what will keep your audience from coming back.

6. Client Companies

Some companies get bloggers to talk about them for a relative price. In Problogger Job Board, for example, there are quite a number of companies looking for bloggers.

For you to qualify for a writing job, you usually have to have a certain level of Google PageRank, must blog about a topic close to what the company’s products and services are all about, and receive a certain amount of traffic a day (By blogging for a client company, you’re not just offering advertising space, you’re also offering publishing space that can influence your blog earnings).

7. Age of Blog

If your blog earnings are not as hefty as you want them to be, then maybe you just haven’t been around long enough yet. Earning by blogging can take time. That’s exactly why you have to blog about a topic that interests you in the first place!

8. Cost of Freebies and Contests

What makes blogging so exciting is that you can make money online and be the master of your own game at the same time. Successful bloggers have created their own promos and contests.

Although this adds to the extra cost and negatively affects blog earnings, it also increases the traffic, comments, linkbacks, and trackbacks to the blog. That’s precisely why it deserves a slot in this list.

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  1. Not only those 8 points, also whether someone knows how to call a reader to action using hypnotic language. Simple phrases like:”click now” are hypnotic language… but! There are more sophisticated and efficient phrases maybe you could do an article about that?

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