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Guest Post Secrets: Guest Posting for Popular Blogs

You’re starting your own fresh blog based on what you think is a unique idea and a highly sought after niche. You’ve followed my advice on creating a blog content that brings your reader back for more.

After doing this for a couple of months, you can’t help but be frustrated at what a failure your blog is. No one is visiting your blog, save for a few followers that are either closely related to you or have stumbled upon your blog by accident. My friend, it’s about time you guest post on another more popular blog.

By submitting a post on a highly popular blog, you increase the exposure of your blog to an entire base of readers that may have never even heard of your blog before!  There are a few other benefits that you and your blog will get by guest posting:

  • You get to build your profile in your chosen niche. In the health and fitness niche, for example, a post that offers a refreshing perspective on how to cleanse the body of toxins will establish your reputation among readers and fellow bloggers in the health and fitness niche. Just imagine what it can do to your reputation as the “up and coming” blogger for health.
  • You drive traffic to your blog. The post will be published under your name. You will also be allowed to link back to your blog. Not only will this increase your Google PageRank, it will also drive current readers of the popular blog to your website. In no time, you can make money blogging.

As you can see, there’s nothing to lose and everything to win once you decide to post for another blog. However, doing so is not without its challenges. Obviously, the blog you’ve chosen will have to be convinced that your blog post deserves a space in their blog.

Here are a few setbacks that you will have to go through:

  • Popular blogs usually have high standards as regards the guest blogs that they post. Like any other guest blogger, you will have to pass these standards.
  • You will also be competing with posts that are submitted by other bloggers in your niche category. You need to stand out for your post to be get published.

Now, let’s go to the hardest and most important part: getting your guest post to appear on your chosen blog. Here are proven strategies that you can do yourself:

1. Create a list of high-profile blogs

It all starts with you researching on your chosen niche category. Trim down your list until there are only about five to ten blogs. What should your bases be? The blog must, first of all, allow guest posting.

Blog Guest

Blog Guest

Also, they must have as much as 2,000 to 5,000 impressions. Anything less will make your efforts futile, considering that you are guest posting to drive traffic to your site.

About 5 to 10% of the popular blog’s readers will click your blog, so you might as well pick a blog that receives a decent amount of daily traffic in the first place.

2. Evaluate each blog

Check the blog archive and read through the blog entries for the past 2 months. Assess the style and content of the blogs. Look at the personal tone of the blogger. Compare the subjective versus objective content of the blogs.

Lastly, put yourself in the bloggers’ shoes and understand where the blog is coming from. Once you have a firm grasp of what the high-profile blog is all about, you can start generating ideas for a post.

3. Think of a brilliant post idea

Now that you’re familiar with what the blog is all about, it’s about time for you to think of an idea for a post. It has to be refreshing and at the same time suited to your chosen blog’s tone and style.

Most of all, it must not be a rehash of what the blogger has already talked about. Make no mistake, the blogger will recognize an idea he or she has already talked about. Remember, you only get one shot!

4. Write it!

With that one great idea for a guest post, start writing a blog that has around 500 words. Pay attention to every detail of the blog post, from the links to the headline.

5. Pitch your guest post

That’s right. You write the blog post before you get the permission of the blogger. High-profile bloggers are busy managing the ads in their site and looking for blog ideas themselves. What are the chances that they’d talk to you if you don’t have anything to offer just yet?

Once you are finished with the blog, contact them with their preferred method of communication: it might be through email, Facebook, Twitter, or any other method that they specified in their blog. Email them a short message that contains a pitch of your post and the post itself.

Make your pitch concise and clear. More importantly, provide them with a reason for publishing your guest post.

Sometimes, though, bloggers will present an opportunity for you to blog on their site. This happens whenever the blogger doesn’t have much time to blog or plans to go away for quite some time. When this happens, there’s every reason for you to step in and submit a blog entry.

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