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How to Earn Money As a Student

Thanks to the Internet, earning money as a student is a lot easier. There are several ways on how to earn money as a student online—and the best part is that you don’t have to compromise your academics and your social life.

This may sound impossible, especially if you’re having a hard time juggling both your time for friends and studying as it is. But many students have done it before—and you can do it too. Most of these online moneymaking methods won’t even require you to commit on a daily basis.

Earn money online fast by selling your stuff on eBay or Amazon

If you’ve just recently moved in to university, you probably have an idea of just how much stuff you own—and how much of it you no longer need. It’s about time you separate the things you don’t really need and sell stuff on eBay. All you have to do is to provide your bank account information and create a listing as a ‘Best Offer’ or ‘Buy It Now’. You can also put it up for auction.

You can also sell stuff online at Amazon or Oodle, which can list the items you have to sell for free.

Earn Money as a Student Online!

Earn extra money by blogging

If you’re a lit major or just like to blog for fun, you might as well make money from it. The Google AdSense is a great earner. It might take a while for your blog to generate revenues, but if you’ve been blogging for quite a while anyway, this shouldn’t even count as work.

Another way for you to earn money as a student is by setting up affiliate programs from Skimlinks or Amazon. You will then earn a commission depending on how many products are sold coursed through your sire.

Lastly, if you blog in a particular niche topic,  you can put up a Donations widget and ask for money from your readers—you might be surprised at how many readers are all too willing to donate. If your blog is a rich source of information and have helped quite a number of people, this is a great way to earn money as a student online fast.

Earn money online by taking surveys

Instead of taking online quizzes just for the fun of it—why don’t you make money off it as well? There are websites that pay you to answer survey questions whenever you want. You can start over at studentbeans.com, where you can register for free.

Make money by playing video games

This may sound too good to be true for some video game buffs—but believe it. If you’ve mastered a certain video game, you might want to put together a quick tutorial. Another way is to modifty a game—video games like Half-Life 2 have quite a number of mods that extend the storyplay to new lengths. Or, you can be a video game tester.

Because video games testers sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, you might not find a lot of information about it in the Internet. You can, however, refer to this article by IGN regarding the life of a video games tester.

With these four ways on how to earn money as a student—the challenge now is: which path are you going to take?

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  1. RobP says:

    I’ve been blogging ever since I was in high school, and I have to say it’s a less effective way of making good money now than it was before. Google’s ranking changes have really put the brakes on earning a lot of money through Adsense, in my experience – and that of many other bloggers I talk with. You need to work with the new methods to make good money. Don’t do the same as you used to.

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