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How to Increase Page Ranking without SEO?

Whether you are struggling to maintain a-not-so-popular website or just starting to build a site, the next thing you should do is to make it popular by improving its page ranking.

A page rank is the ranking search engines, like Yahoo! and Google, measure to determine how relevant or important your website is when people search the topic on the internet.

When you search for the word “hearts” for example, Google and Yahoo! will give you a list, and it’s not just a random list.

The sites are ranked according to the usefulness and visits they get. Website owners are trying hard to increase their rank so that more and more people would know they exist online.

Most website owners use the search engine optimization (SEO) technique to achieve a good ranking from search engines. The more they get their keywords in the site, the more it will be detected by search engines. However, using SEO may be tricky and hard and some search engines also measure how relevant your information is and not just by the many keywords you write.

So how do you increase your website’s ranking without using SEO? Here are some tips:

Update the contents of your website as often as possible

Giving relevant information to your readers is one thing that could bring them back to your website every time. The useful the information you have, the better. Cite more facts than opinions so other websites could use your site and create a back link on their sites.

Unique information also sets your website apart from other sites so you’ll get more traffic than the rest. It is also important to update your website as often as possible so search engines would know that your website has a regular activity.

Join forums to advertise and target your market

One way to get more people to see your site is through forums. A forum is a site where people discuss certain topics like queries and things they commonly share like hobbies.

Join a forum that is relevant to your website. Choose to write a signature with every post you make wherein your website’s link is written. People who are also part of the forum group you are in would likely visit your website especially when they get to interact with you through the group page.

Inside linking

You can also insert links in your articles to your other pages if relevant. This would make it easier for your reader to understand your article, and at the same time makes you promote the pages of your site more.

You can put links to your previous or your next articles. Furthermore, you can put a list of related articles so visitors could read some more and stay longer in your website. Make sure, however, that you do not overdo it since the readers might be overwhelmed with the links found in your site.

Trade links with other website owners

Another way to promote your site is to tie-up with website owners that have a site related to yours. You can do this by searching for the general topic of your website and looking for the sites that are similar with yours.

Increase Page Ranking

Increase Page Ranking

You can send them a request if you could exchange links.

This technique may be quite frustrating since some website owners would like tokeep their audience to themselves and they would see you as competition.

However, some would be glad enough to have exchange links to further promote each other’s sites.

Submit your link to search engine directories

You can submit your link to the most popular search engine directories. Some search engine directories let you do this for free so be sure to grab this opportunity.

Submitting to more directories make your site more popular since you get to build a large network of back links.

A back link is a link back to your site found in other websites. Having a lot of back links could help increase your rank search results of popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo!.

Keep your site simple and user-friendly

Keeping your site simple and easy to use but packed with useful information would do a lot in attracting more site visitors. Other site owners think that the flashier a site is, the more it would get visits.

It might be an eye candy but the site would not be helpful in finding the necessary information about a topic. Keep in mind that most people go online to look for things or research, so do not forget to pack your site with a lot of useful data. Addressing this need would surely help a lot in making your site useful.

Use established sites as your springboard

Aside from exchanging links, you can actually promote your site by using more established sites with already high rankings. You can do this by looking for sites where you can do a guest posting so you can put a link back to your website.

Not only will you get a back link but you’ll be able to get more traffic this way. You can also write in sites like Squidoo and put a back link from there to your site. This way, you can get a quality back link that gets you more points for search engine ranking.

Remember that the more relevant and useful your information is, the more your website would gain popularity. Your site’s popularity is important in the survival of your website. Bringing useful data to your readers is very helpful in getting a higher page rank.

There are many people who have made money by having successful websites and you too can do the same. Just be sure to keep in mind the tips said above and you’ll have an edge as you start or even revive your site.

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