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How to Make Money by Uploading Files

Earning money has just gotten a lot easier. Most of the methods I’ve prescribed here usually involves extensive efforts over a certain period of time.

What if I tell you for a fact that you can earn money by simply making use of your internet connection?

In fact, this is something you can easily do as you continue other online moneymaking efforts! You can easily make money uploading files.

Have You Ever Uploaded a File Before?

If you have no idea how uploading files works, there’s no need to worry. You’ve done it before! Anyone who has an email or Facebook account has uploaded a file in one way or another.

By attaching a file to an email to your friend or client, you have, right there and then, just learned how to upload (Posting a photo of yourself in your Facebook account is also one of the ways to upload a file).

Make Money Uploading Files

Make Money Uploading Files

As you can see, there’s nothing exceptionally hard or complicated about uploading files.

In fact, all you need to do is click on the file you want to upload and allow the website and your server to do the rest for you!

However, only a few people know how to make money uploading files. This is precisely why I wrote this post…

There are a number of popular file sharing sites that allow users to upload and download files.

This includes Rapidshare and Megaupload, both of which give you the option of downloading as many files as you can for a certain price. These files available for download are uploaded by users themselves.

What Can You Upload?

“Nothing in my hard drive is worth uploading! Why will I get paid in the first place?” This is where you’re wrong. There are loads of files in your computer that you can upload… and get paid for! Here are a few examples to get you started:

  1. Images and Photos
  2. Wallpapers
  3. Songs
  4. Games
  5. Documents
  6. Software Programs

How come you’re going to get paid by simply uploading files like these? Uploading sites are supported by advertisers who, with the help of your files available for downloads, can reach their target market.

Some websites will pay you a corresponding amount for every number of downloads. Just think about it: if your in-demand and virus-free file gets as much as 7,000 views a day, you can earn a fair amount in a month. And you don’t even have to exert that much effort!

“Bullet-Proof” File Sharing Websites

A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of websites that will help you make money uploading files. However, as in all online moneymaking opportunities, you should automatically be skeptical about these sites and choose the ones that guarantee payment:


Shareflare.net is a free file hosting site that will allow you to upload up to 2GB worth of files. There is no bandwidth limit, so you can basically upload anything you want as long as you want. Once you do, you can refer the URL download to your network or market it.

You earn money depending on the price per download and not on the place where the visitor downloaded the file. Below is a breakdown of the rate per file size:

  • 0MB to 0.99MB = $4 or less
  • 1MB to 4.9MB = $6 or less
  • 5MB to 9.99MB = $8 or less
  • 10MB to 49.99MB = $12 or less
  • 50MB to 99.99MB = $14 or less
  • 100MB to 249.99MB = $18 or less
  • 250MB to 1499MB = $24 or less
  • 1500MB = $30 or less

You can get your money after accumulating $15, which is a lot less than how much other file uploading sites require. That means you can make money uploading files faster!


Another popular option for a get-paid-to-upload site is Metahyper.net. Compared to Shareflare.net, this site will reward you through its reward program. You will get paid for full downloads of your files by users.

In counting the number of downloads, the mirror downloads are not included. You can pay out once you accumulate $20.

You will earn more money for downloads in certain countries such as Canada, USA, United Kingdom and Australia (Around $0.05 to $0.2 will be paid to you for every 1000mb worth of downloads).




You can make money uploading files in Filefactory.com in a rather simple way. You first have to make sure that what you’re sharing are sought after media files.

The pay rate of this website is one of the highest, so you should have no doubts about uploading files here. You get around $2 to $15  whenever your files get as much as 1000 downloads.




Lastly, we have Uploading.com. Like every other site that lets you make money uploading files, this website earns its income through ads placed in the download page of your files.

The rate of payment will depend on a number of factors, the most crucial of which is the country where the file was downloaded. For example, you get $10 for every 1000 downloads in USA or Canada. On the other hand, downloads in Russia, Netherlands, and Greece are paid $5 for the same number of downloads.

As you can see, you can make money uploading files by simply registering an account and uploading files that you think are interesting enough for the public. All you have to do is upload the file and wait for your passive income!

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  2. jeetu says:

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    thank you for such a nice post.

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  4. john says:

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  6. MiKrO says:

    Wow I didn’t know this sites, but I work for two sites that can really pay !
    Fileserve pays up to 25$ per 1000 downloads, its great!

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  8. EarnMoney says:

    Very Good Information about earning money by file hosting. I think shareflare.net is better than uploading.com

  9. Gopal das says:

    Nice post.but there was some site does not pay money.

  10. EarnMoney says:

    You could add this site: FileBucks

  11. Melanie says:

    Interesting. It seems like what you really would be getting paid for is creating the files that people will download. Or are you advocating putting up any files you find and breaking copyright laws? I’m a bit confused about how these things work. I just looked at the FAQ for Shareflare and see that people would have to pay for the downloads of your files. How is this more beneficial than simply offering your files for sale on your own website or a stock site? That way you earn all the money and there is no middleman to take a cut.

  12. mehedi hasan says:

    I have read your blog and i have get my solution from here. This blog is very helpful for me.

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