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How To Make Money From a Low-Traffic Blog

You’ve probably read tons of success stories about making money from a blog, enough to convince you that blogging can bring in the big bucks. However, before your  renewed sense of inspiration and belief in blogging brings you anywhere near a penny, you had probably realized that 95% of these success stories have a huge following and a wide reach of audience to begin with.

But you shouldn’t give up your hopes of making money from blogging just yet. In fact, it’s possible to make money from a low-traffic blog! In this post you’ll learn about the other 5% of blogs that have managed to make money by starting with a small audience. It will be extra challenging, but by all means possible.

From around 50 RSS subscribers from your blog, you can make it grow to as many as 5,000 followers in a little over three months.

What is your big goal?

Success from a low-traffic blog usually starts with a product. It may be a tutorial, an ebook, a handbook, or even an actual item that you have an expertise on and truly believe in, The goal is to sell that product through your blog, focusing on your niche topic and generating as many entries as possible that’s related to your topic.

Naturally, there will be many competitors and rivals that have well established their credibility in the niche topic you’ve chosen. However, with your expertise on the subject, you can be at par and even surpass the traffic of the established blogs on your niche topic.


Talk to people about your goal. Follow through.

From the onset, it would be better if you told your followers about your big goal casually—tell them about the product and what the contribution of the blog in the big picture. It doesn’t have  to sound like a sales pitch; in fact this may turn your readers off. Feed them with information, because that’s the reason they’re reading your blog in the first place.

At the end of every blog, provide a signup form where you can send them an e-newsletter. From then on, see your number of subscribers grow to slowly but surely.

Give them a reason to keep coming back.

The magic word to keep your readers glued in to your content is nothing mind-boggling: relevant content. Give them several levels of refreshing and unique analysis.

If your content is valuable, your readers are bound to spread and share your blog in their own social networking sites, especially Twitter.

Most importantly, make an excellent product.

Keep in mind that your blog is a lead-in to what you’re actually selling: a product that is sellable.

The point of blogging with a low-traffic blog at the start is to launch a product in a span of time. Three months is a reasonable timeframe to build your followers and launch your product.

Just make sure your product is an excellent one. What use would your blog be if the product isn’t worth buying? Just so you won’t compromise the quality of your product, divide your time between creating the product (50%) and marketing it (50%) through your blog.

Launch your event.

Here’s where the most important part of making money from your low-traffic blog comes in: the launch event. By the end of your timeframe, you would have gained enough followers to create buzz about your product.

By then, you can launch your product and your readers will be confident that it’s a great one based on what you’ve been writing in your blog all along.

When launching your product, you need to make it sure that you don’t post an entry just like everything else you’ve done before. Create fanfare and make your readers desire your product even more!

Here are a few ways to inspire action from your readers and earn money from your low-traffic blog:

1. Hold a promo. By holding a promo where the entry is a tweet or share about your product, you widen the reach of your launch.

2. Give a special discount for the first 50 buyers. By creating pressure upon your readers to buy your product, they will be more likely to buy once they find out about your special discount.

3. Give a referral discount. For your more loyal readers, you can provide a referral discount. For every number of buyers they refer, they will get a special discount rate. If they refer as many as 15 buyers, you might even want to give them a free copy of the product!

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