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How to Make Money with iPhone Apps

Time to cash in on iPhone’s popularity! Create an iPhone and laugh your way to the bank. How is this possible?

Simple, just write an application program from iPhone (Not Just for Geeks). You know as lovers of iPhone continue to increase so is the demand for applications software.

As they say always say, strike while the iron is hot. And I’d say the iron will stay hot as more and more people get addicted to their iPhone and as long as Apple keeps producing those sleek smart iPhones.

Know what kind of application you want to build and sell

Apple App Store sells application of diverse functionality including but not limited to social networking, reference, GPS navigation, games, as well as advertisements of television shows, movies, and even sports events. The possibilities are as endless. All you have to do now is to know what kind of application you intend to build.

Know your target market

Building a new iPhone application is similar to creating a new product. You have to know the end-user of your software.

Such knowledge will help you a lot when you design your program as well as create its content.

Your target market should be the focus of your application.

Identify what’s in and what’s out

Check out Apple App Store and look at the best selling software programs. How would this help you? You can use such statistics data to figure out how your application will fare in the market.

Moreover, you can use such data to find out which are in demand and which are not. One software group may be at the bottom because of the lack of available options.

For example, task organizer software maybe at the bottom list because of the limited numbers of application offering such functions. That is an opportunity for you. Or you could also look at the bestselling applications and think of ways to better it.

You know what I am saying: be inspired by the programs developed before you own and create a better version of them.

Make your iPhone apps functional

Yes, functional! Whether it would be a game or a social networking site, be sure that it is functional and user-friendly. Do not make complicated programs that only a few will understand or a program that would take forever to load.

Again, think of your target market. Will they find your application boring? Or will they be lost in it due to too many clicks and functions? Remember, to keep it simple and functional. You can also add in some extra functions or merge two or three functions in one application.

Choose a good name for your application

Yes, like any other product the name of your application can make or break it:

  • Let your creativity flow.
  • Play with words and language functions.

One of iPhone’s most popular software is aptly named iShoot. While we can not exactly say that the name was the main reason for that application to rake in millions for its developer, the name can increase your sale.

Think of it this way, if you were in a store and looking for something to buy: wouldn’t you look at the names of the products? Come on, admit it!

Names are the first thing we notice in a product. In fact, we tend to move towards names that sound familiar to us or sound just too outrageous. Decide a name for your application that will surely catch the iPhone users’ attention.

Design your application

Now, this is where the hard work comes in.  It does not really matter if you are a computer geek or a software programming god or goddess. When it comes to designing your application you have two options:

  1. Design it yourself
  2. Have someone design it for you

Either way you choose to design your iPhone application, it is important that you or your software designer have the right tools for the right job. And what are these tools? You need books that tell you how to write an iPhone application.

If you can’t get yourself some books, there are countless websites that offer you tips on how to write an iPhone application. If you are already having some programming experience this should not be hard for you.  Next, you have to know your language.

It may be easy to write codes but it writing codes for an embedded system require more work. I suggest you choose a language that allows embedding on mobile platforms such as Objective C.

Stay cool and be patient

Like any programs, making an application for iPhone can sometimes be demanding or even stressful. And just when you thought you have written all your codes and ready to embed it, things may just go awry. Again, be patient. There is also the issue of making it available on Apple App Store.

Of course, the greatest part of waiting has to do with selling. Your iPhone application may not be an overnight success or it may take your some days before you sell your application. Be patient.

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