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How To Optimize Your Social Media Schedule

Optimizing your content is critical to the success of your internet marketing plan—especially when it comes to social media.

Unfortunately, most online media strategists wait until the end of the social media campaign to find out if their efforts were effective. This is like beating a dead horse: pointless and a terrible waste of time and money.

Social media is a dynamic and constantly changing, so you will need to optimize your social media campaign as you run the campaign—in real time.

Is this even possible?

With the right timing and actions, optimizing your social media schedule is indeed possible. Not only will you be able to run a campaign that constantly adjusts itself as the need arises, you will also be able to save a lot of time and improve your productivity in the process.

Social media marketing campaign is all about optimizing the content, the channel choices, the link backs, the leads, and the call to action.

1. Identify the parts of the campaign

Before anything else, take a step back and look at your social media campaign. There are elements in the campaign that can be tweaked here and there; these tweaks will ultimately have an effect in the target goals of the campaign.

Optimize Social Media Marketing

Optimize Social Media Marketing

But what are these elements that can be optimized?

The content of the landing page. This is the site where your audience will be led to by clicking the link in your social media site.

The target audience. In order for your social media campaign to be successful, you have to segment your audience strategically. If you’re running a global marketing campaign, segment your campaign by the location and the language. Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn have extensive localization features that online media strategists should take advantage of.

The channel choice. Where will you conduct the campaign? As a famous communications theorist said, the medium is as important as the message. The same can be held true for social media marketing.

The call to action. Whether you are planning to sell a product or get them to subscribe to a newsletter, the call to action is another optimizable feature of the campaign that can spell the different between expanding your bottomline and miserably failing.

2. Identify the real-time metrics of success of your social media campaign.

These metrics will serve as your guideposts as to whether or not you are reaching your goal. Because the evaluation stage of your social media marketing campaign is real-time, you will have to look at the following metrics from time to time in fixed intervals.

a. Conversions and sales. How many people bought the product or availed of the service from the link? This refers to the conversions of your social media campaign.

b.  Audience reach. This refers to how many retweets and mentions you get for a Tweet, or the number of Likes or comments a particular Facebook post is able to collect.

3. Assess where you are right now.

In order to assess the improvements, you also need to break down the metrics to its starting point: where you stand right now. To find out if you got more hits or conversions, an initial assessment is imperative.

4. Evaluate real-time, and react accordingly.

This is where the optimizing your social media schedule really comes in: evaluating your campaign real-time.

The best part about this is that you can identify where you’re going wrong and create a responsive action plan, before everything is too late and your efforts are put to waste.

The responses you need to make will vary. This is where you go back to Step No. 1. Maybe you need to change the content of the landing page, make the call to action more persuasive, or expand your channel choices. In any case, your response must be swift and done right after you get the results of your period evaluation.

Every when do I need to evaluate?

This is often a tricky ground, if only because social media marketing efforts don’t pay off right away. The best time to evaluate is every 2 weeks, owing to the dynamic nature of social media.

Take note that this is not a fixed rule, and will vary depending on how long the campaign will run. If, for example, you are conducting a Facebook contest that will wrap up in two weeks, then it might be a better idea to re-evaluate every three days.

Every when do I tweet or make a Facebook post?

Several studies have been made regarding the optimum time to send your messages across. In Twitter, the best time for re-tweets is 5 PM. It is best if you make one to four tweets every hour. Also, 12 pm and 6 pm are the best times for click conversions. The best days to tweet are unsurprisingly during weekends and midweek (perhaps to relieve the burn out of most people at work.)

As for Facebook, the optimum frequency is .5 per day—which means that you should post ideally once in two days. Noon is also the best time to post in Facebook, with Saturday being the best day.

Conclusion: Evaluate at the social media campaign as a whole.

In the end, you need to look at the overall success of the social media campaign based on the periodic evaluations and the achievement of your target goals. Find out why certain segments are more successful than the others, and use this to optimize your initial social media marketing plan for the future.


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