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How to Start a WordPress Blog (Checklist)

It’s never too late to blog. And you don’t need much to start blogging. All you need is free blogging software. One of these is WordPress.

But before you embark on your journey to the world of blogging, here are a few things you should know about before start using WordPress.

Think of your domain name

This is the most important thing. You have to know what you want to blog about before you even sit down and start blogging. Remember you will be writing a great deal about this topic so you must consider a topic that is interesting to you as well as to your target market.

More importantly, if you intend to make money online by blogging, you might as well spend more time thinking on what to call your website and what it is all about. 

It is better to focus your blog on one specific topic or subtopic of a general topic. This is to create a niche for your blog and to easily reach your target market.

Register your domain name

You need a web hosting company for your domain. Choose a web hosting service provider that suits your needs and is easy on the pocket.
Wordpress Blog

Check for PHP Support

Check that your web hosting provider supports PHP scripts, the programming language required by WordPress to operate.

In addition to PHP scripts support, your web host must also provide you with at least one MySQL database. This is needed for WordPress to store and retrieve your blog entries.

Download the latest WordPress edition

Search for the latest edition of WordPress and download it. You might encounter a zip version or the tar.gz version of WordPress. Download the zip version, if you are not familiar with tar.gz version.

  1. Unzip all the files
  2. Open the WordPress folder and look for the “wp-config-sample”
  3. Start an ASCII text editor
  4. You can use Notepad from your Start menu
  5. Click on the “File” menu of the notepad, and then click on “Open” in the menu that appears
  6. Look for the file you have searched earlier and open it by double-clicking on it (you would see lines and instruction)
  7. Read them carefully and put in the required information the name you want for your database, your username, and your password
  8. Once you have entered the required information, save the file with a new name, “wp-config.php” (include the quotation marks as part of the new file name)

Upload files to your web-host

Upload your files from your WordPress folder to your web host. This may take a long time, so be patient.

You will need FTP software to do this. The FTP program will transfer your files from your computer to your web host.

You can get free FTP plugin to do this online via FireFox. This plugin is called FireFTP.

Start installation of your blog

After you have finished transferring your files from your computer to your domain host, it is now time to complete installation of your WordPress blog.

Open your internet browser and type www.your-domain-name.com/wp-admin/install.php. Change “www.your-domain-name.com” with your website’s URL. Remember the domain name you registered with your webhosting service provider? Yes, that is what you will type. 

You will be taken to the browser interface of WordPress.

Complete installation of your blog

Fill in your blog’s name and your email. Then continue on to the next step. WordPress will set up your blog. It will display a page to show your blog username and password.

Remember your username and password as you will be required to provide this information every time you edit your blog or add a new entry. From there, you can complete installation of your blog site.

Set up WordPress

Once you have installed WordPress you can change its setting to suit your preferences and needs (look & feel, categories, etc.). View your site on after every setting you changed to see how it will affect your blog site.

Customize your blog design

If you like to change your blog even farther, Go to the WordPress Theme Directory and look for a theme appropriate for your blog. WordPress offers themes for free. Click on the theme you want and download it for free.

You’ve done it

Yes, you have made your own blog using WordPress. Do not forget to visit the WordPress Codex site. This is the official site of WordPress and you will be learning tips and information on using WordPress and creating documents for your blog, such as:

  • How to deal with comment spam
  • How to moderate comments
  • How to manage your link, among other things

Now that you have created your blog, you should look into the many opportunities of making money online. First, create a good blog. It won’t hurt to do some research before you write your blog.

While you do not have to be an expert on the topic you have chosen to blog about, it would be of great help if you can come up with well-written informative article.

Also, do not forget to embed keywords for your niche. This will help you drive more traffic to your website.

Second, sign up with affiliate programs. This is where you will be getting a big share of your online earnings. Now that you know how to use WordPress, start blogging and making money online.

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