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How to Start Freelancing Online

How to start freelancing online? If you have been working for too long in the corporate realm, you might have thought of leaving your corporate job and reach for that dream job you’ve been eagerly wanting to do for so long.

In this fast paced world, companies and offices have even set up 24×7 operations to find ways of increasing revenue that fewer companies have closing hours.

Everybody is always in a rush to do things faster, more efficiently and at less cost. With time taking people away from their personal lives, this has become a burden especially for those who have families.

Parents longing to be with their children would spend nights working overtime instead. You probably barely have enough time for yourself, and so can’t meet up with your friends or relatives during family reunions.

This is why freelancing is becoming more popular these days, as the opportunity for you to stay at home and work from home, plus have more time to spend with your loved ones is extremely enticing (a huge chunk of the corporate workforce has decided to leave their cubicles to embark on a new journey, with a work-from-home setup).

As a freelance, you get to choose the time you want to work, and the kind of work you want to do. If you’re planning to shift careers or move to a different industry, freelancing is a great way to start working on discovering their passion. There are even those who have full time jobs yet also accommodate freelance jobs to augment their income.

What You Need to Know About Freelancing Online

There are many ways to start freelancing online,such as: bloggers, writers, social media analysts, internet marketers, programmers and designers are all logging on to various freelancing websites where business owners or clients post their projects with project details, rates offered and requirements.

Freelancing Online - Get Paid

Freelancing Online - Get Paid

They scour the internet for job openings and projects they can bid on. Here are a few things you need to remember when doing freelance:

Go to freelancing websites

Register for an account and create a profile, then start checking for available projects. Most freelance sites offer information on projects for bidding, where service providers (that’s you!) can bid on how much they want to get paid and clients review portfolios or resumes to assess qualifications.

At one point you can find as many as 500 people bidding on a single project, particularly if the project is on a short-term or mid-term timeframe, and offers a good price. Some freelance websites get a cut from service providers instead of business owners.

Once you win a bid, you’ll enjoy the benefits of working freelance and getting paid just right for the work you completed. Popular freelancing websites include Elance.com, GetAFreelancer.com and Guru.com.

Payment can either be on an hourly or project based schedule

There are business owners who prefer to use tracking software to monitor your work especially if they pay you by the hour, and this means installing something on your work computer or laptop so they can get timely screen captures on schedule.

If you don’t have a problem with this, then you will absolutely enjoy doing freelance, although some service providers negotiate for better terms such as devoting just 4 hours a day.

Some freelancers prefer working on a project basis so they can decide the time and place they accomplish their tasks, making sure the deliverable is submitted right on time. These projects can either be a one-time payment which means you won’t get paid until you’re done with the project, or you can demand for a portion of the payment before you start. Be careful of jobs that require you to pay before getting work; chances are this is a scam.

Fees depend on current market rates

Freelancing is globally competitive, with some people charging $25 an hour for the same work that people in other countries can charge $6 an hour for. The cost of living in different places around the world dictates the need and rates offered by clients, and this actually gives an advantage towards business owners since they get to pick lower rates with the same quality of work.

Education and experience are relevant as well, so there are instances when business owners request not just for sample work or portfolio, but also for trial runs that may either be paid or unpaid.

You can decide whether you wish to pursue an unpaid trial run, particularly if the actual job offer is lucrative enough. But be careful of those who might ask you to do actual work then decide not to push through with hiring you. There’s a likelihood that they might actually use your output for their benefit, and freelancers are wary of these kinds of clients too.

One of the major benefits of working from home is you manage your own time

You can juggle more than one job at a time, as long as you are very good in time management and would be able to meet all deadlines. At the same time it can be a detriment. Be careful of over-committing to a client at the risk of them treating you as a full time employee.

Also, you have to process payment of your taxes and social security yourself. Declaring your income within the appropriate timeframe given by the government is a must, so be aware of the dates and schedule for these.

Keep track of your work hours

Because you’re entirely on your own, it could be hard to manage your time and schedule, and you might find yourself not being able to deliver to clients.

Avoid a major headache by monitoring your work and personal hours. Check your finances to make sure you earn just enough for staying at home since you won’t be spending too much by going out.

Opportunities Abound in Freelancing for Both Businesses and Workers

Business owners themselves are realizing how freelance workers have been proven to be as hardworking and as reliable, especially because they are given enough time for themselves before poring over work. They also prefer paying for lower rates while getting work output of the same or even better quality.

The skills and know-how of freelancer workers across the globe has encouraged businessmen to hire more freelancers than before.

To become a successful freelancer, you should remember that gaining some things also means giving up some things. Becoming a freelancer online might bring you lots of work, which is great, but the key is time management. Strive hard to balance your work with your personal life and you’ll fully enjoy the benefits of freelancing.

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