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Fastest Ways to Increase Page Rank (PR)

Let’s face it, you need to increase page rank for your website! Having a website alone is not enough to guarantee success for your endeavors.

You must get your website out there for your customers to find!

If you are unable to generate traffic, then your website (and possibly your business) will fail. Therefore, you need to know how to get your website in front of those who are interested in what you have to offer. How do you do this? How do you raise page rank for your website?

You can improve page rank for your website through a number of different methods. However, why do you need to bother getting that increase in page rank? First, when you increase Google page rank (as an example), you are able to gain much more attention for your website.

You must understand that most consumers never move past the first page or two of search results. Therefore, if your website ranks lower down than this, chances are good that no one will ever see it.

However, it is best to get your page rank as high as possible for your related keywords, with the number one slot being the Holy Grail of the process. What are your options here?

In order to increase page rank you can choose to engage in a number of different things. While many people think that keyword density is the only factor here, it is only one of several factors that will help determine your website rank in Google search results.


Google bases part of your page rank on the number of back links to your website from other sites on the Internet. Therefore, the more links you have, the more legitimate your site appears.

Increase Page Rank (PR)

Increase Page Rank (PR)

However, you cannot simply place links on any old website out there, as Google actually takes into account the reputation of the site on which the link is found to determine your overall rank. So, you need to create back links with websites that have a high page rank themselves.

On Page Optimization – SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the hottest topics out there in cyberspace today. A properly optimized website will have tremendous staying power in Google search results.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is optimized for your targeted keywords. Of course, SEO also has other implications, such as optimized graphics, optimized internal linking structure and many, many others.

New Content

One of the ways that Google bases your page rank for specific keywords is the frequency of updated content. For instance, a page that has its content updated on a regular basis will have a higher page rank than a page that has only been updated once or twice. Therefore, you need to ensure that you add new content to your website on a regular basis to keep the search engine spiders coming back repeatedly.

Article Marketing

Article marketing is a free way to increase page rank through back links. When you create an article and submit it to an article directory, that article is free to use on websites and in e-zines all over the Internet, so long as the resource box remains intact.

That resource box should have a link to your website in it. This way, every time that article is used as content, you gain another back link to your site.

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  1. Just read valuable article related to the Search Engine Optimization at and post valuable tips How to create successful SEO

    Our point of view is to optimize your link building with related content at the same time the keyword phrases you going to optimize to be with high volume of search. What is the point to optimize your page for keyword term that has only 10 searches a month? Just to say “My website is on first page of Google”. I can not see the value of that. In conclusion:

    1. Find high volume search for related keyword phrases. (for keyword strategy you can contact us at http://twitter.com/webxiom )
    2. Create valuable and unique content about keyword phrases.
    3. In 500 words content put no more than 5 keyword terms which are used no more 2 times.
    4. Build your links only to websites and blogs where content is related to yours
    5. Share the sites you link building.
    For example: I create link here to my http://blog.webxiom.com which is related to my content, blog do not have yet page rank, so link is not yet valuable. I am going to share this article to my social media sites, which will bring traffic to this page and make valuable my link. If users create link here and share this article to their social media networks, this blog will become more valuable and everybody’s links will become so valuable.
    6. Follow the related links to the comments posted here and create comment links to the other related sites, then share again.
    7. After creating a post comment links always ping the blog you just post at http://pingomatic.com/ then your link become even more valuable.
    8. Do not use automated software for link building, there is not a value and usually your link is get banned. (I am banning every link not related to my content)
    9. Don’t forget all tips you are reading are supported from Internet Advertising and are not FREE.

  2. Ada Randall says:

    I have to admit that I recently found out about back links, I used to think that the only think that counts is SEO and fresh content. I have a curiosity though, how many link you need to create to really matter for your page rank? I understand that there are more factors, the rank of the page you are linking to and so on but I would appreciate and estimation, if you are so kind. Thank you for the useful information!

  3. I think the important is linking part & content part. You have elaborated well about the ways to have good Page Rank. thanks for sharing.

  4. ukash says:

    hey hi everyone..
    get google page rank is very hard and long a way
    You have to keep write and write or add some good contents in your web site and ofcourse get nice qualty backlinks from out or inside website !!
    inside backlinks are first class backlinks in web world. That means search enginees looks your web site like this ” oh yeah this website is working on hard, let we check and visit often ”
    try it and you will see whats difference..;) bye

  5. sanufdutta says:

    I just thought after reading this article that,it would be valueable for my site’s Page Rank(PR).But,Getting PR from Google,it’s not easy in anyway.I hope it work for me.

    *Can you’ll Write About “Exchanging Links”?

  6. bashir says:

    This post was really great !

  7. Jimto says:

    How to increase pagerank has also been my focus for several months now. I understand that Google periodically make an update when it comes to PR but I have not seen any movement in my rank for months now. I’m actually beginning to try to forget PR altogether and just concentrate on publishing fresh content with at least 500 words each time. I don’t focus on creating links as I comment only on posts that I liked. I also don’t do article marketing as I feel whatever article I write should be posted only on my own site. May be I’m wrong you think?

  8. Nelson says:

    Wow, these are great info for us to know more about seo. As far as my own experience,I noticed that press release is another good way to get your site easily found on the search.

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