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Make a Residual Income Online by Posting Answers

Whenever you have a question, you probably don’t ask other people for the answers anymore. All you have to do is visit Answers.com and Yahoo! Answers, among other Q&A websites, and you get your answers fast and totally free.

But did you know that the people who answer these questions earn residual income online by simply putting a rest to the doubts in your mind? As a matter of fact, you can earn as much by answering the questions of other people that you are entirely capable of answering.

If the idea of earning residual income online is not entirely clear to you just yet, just think of Google AdSense and the wide range of affiliate programs out there. In a previous blog post, I mentioned about how a residual income business will take some effort in finishing the final product or service.

However, once it is finished, you can gain a steady stream of income without having to update the product or service regularly.

Believe it or not, answering people’s questions will help you earn income in the same way. All it takes is for you to answer questions that either don’t have too many answers just yet or fit your area of expertise. You can do this with the help of the program Linktheanswer.com.

Linktheanswer.com does this by using intermission links before Internet users get to the actual answers to the questions they have. The system is not complicated at all and is especially crafted for helping your make residual income online.

Before anything else, you should sign up and provide your Google AdSense ID, blog, or website in the Control Panel. After your registration, simply visit Answers.com and take a quick browse at the questions you think you can answer. Substantiate your answer by getting your hands on as much online resources as you can.

Also in the Control Panel, you can create the links that will be placed in the Intermission pages. All you have to do, is place the web address of the website that you can post on Answers.com along with the answer you will provide. Below is how the Link Builder will look like:

Link The Answer: Control Panel

Once you’ve placed the necessary data, the final code will provide you with the code that will then be posted on Answers.com:

Link The Answer: HTML Code

The intermission page will be all set once you have finally placed your Google AdSense and placed the links of your website. Once a user looks for the answer to a certain question that you have already addressed, the intermission page will be displayed before the actual answers. It will look like the following image:

Link The Answer: Intermission Page

Now, with the intermission page, you can make residual income online in three ways:

  1. The banners are diretly linked to your Paypal account, which means that the user can easily deposit money to your account.
  2. In the bottom part of the Intermission page, there are Google Adsense ads that are contextualized to the user’s questions. The impressions received by the Google ads will easily result in residual income online.
  3. There are also links in the Post your link here corner right below the banners. This is where you can promote your website. Traffic to your website can result in product sales.

How exactly do you earn residual income online with these three ways of Linktheanswer.com?

By posting the answers to people’s questions in Answers.com, you are not only giving answers to a single curious mind; you are literally answering the same question of thousands of people!

Not only do you earn money with the banner impressions, you also get to be paid by the impressions of the Google AdSense ads, and of course, earn money by the organic visits to your website.

Just think about it: how many times have you asked your friendly search engine a question, only to be led to Answers.com. This happens to thousands of people. In fact, the average of the most visited pages is about 2,000 views per day.

To achieve that, you have to be strategic about the questions you ask and the way you ask them. A good way to start is by looking for the highly searched questions by referring to the highly searched keywords.

You can consult Google Trends and Yahoo! Buzz Index. Both will give you a rundown of what people are so curious about and are searching from time to time. You will surely find the same most highly searched keywords in Answers.com, so you might as well go ahead and answer them.

Before you even know it, you’re earning residual income online big time!

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