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Who Doesn’t Want to Make Extra Money – But How?

Sometimes in life, you need to go out there to find another job where you can make extra money, when the ends don’t meet. This could be a temporary situation caused by childbirth or one spouse losing their job, or as simple as over spending. It can also be a conscious choice, to make extra money, when you just want to have more money to spend than you have right now.

Choosing the right job for you, depend on a number of factors. The amount of time you have, which personal skills you posses, what uncommon knowledge you hold, are you familiar with the Internet and computer operation, etc.

You can make extra money virtually on anything. You should try doing something you like doing, before looking for jobs that will make you unhappy with you life. Of course, not always this is possible when you have to provide your family. You should never be ashamed to do what’s necessary to make extra money if needed.


Physical jobs you can take as part time jobs include teaching (tutoring, languages, swimming, riding a bicycle), making deliveries or running errands, cleaning houses or cars, selling homemade cakes or pastry, taking care of babies or animals or plants, garage sales, mystery shopping and even closet organization. With all these different jobs you can earn extra money, but you could make it easy on yourself and your family if you could be able to find a way to work from home. You can find work as a customer service representative for companies who outsource their customer service operation.

Home jobs are a great way to make extra cash. These jobs will mostly entail having skills like writing skills, learning skills, designing skills, selling and marketing skills or… surfing skills – web surfing.

You can make extra money online by participating in online surveys, by writing articles for others, by writing product reviews, by transcribing recorded reports, or proofreading, typing all kind of data or even just by selling unused stuff on auction sites like ebay by trying to make a profit from things you already own or from stuff you buy cheap and resell it at a higher price. To accomplish this you need to have a skill to tell which item will resell at a higher price than the price you can buy it for, so you don’t end up losing money.

If you have designing skills you can design web sites from home or web logos to make extra money from home. Any skill or expertise you can transmit without having to personally be there is worth money to others who seek this information over the Internet.

If this information is a part of a niche, you can develop you own web site for this niche, and try to include as much information about this niche as possible. As more professional you get, more people who are interested in this niche will visit your web site. This will create traffic to your web site that you can harness to your advantage. You can use this to sell product related to this niche, or promote the sale of other products being sold by others for commission. You can sell e-books with more relevant information for this niche and also collect email addresses to create a mailing list you can use.

To make extra money you can also join online affiliate programs to promote a sale of other people’s products for commission by creating a special sale pitch page, to be sent to your mailing list. Another way to attract target audience so you will make extra money is to write comments in forums relating to the product, writing blogs about relevant issues to the product and by writing articles to intrigue you audience.

Whatever you decide to do to make extra money, you must be patient, for some of these endeavors will take some time before they yield some substantial income but they will always make extra money for you eventually.

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  1. Sophie says:

    I agree with you on this: sometimes we need a little push from behind in order to really do something for that extra income in our lives. For a long period of time both I and my husband were unhappy about our economic situation, but we still managed so we did nothing but the 9 to 5 job. But the company I used to work for closed down so… here I am, looking for new opportunities. I wish I had done this earlier and take my time, but hey, better now than never. I am waiting for a lot more tips from you…

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