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Make Money Blogging – A Basic Summary

There is much information regarding the various ways to make money Blogging, and this information is typically divided into helping beginners take their first steps and to advanced tips for more experienced Bloggers who have some technical background, to make money Blogging as well. While giving you a broad picture, you should look up each idea separately to get more information on each subject.

After reading and looking at blogs and bloggers who make money blogging, get inspired and overcome your fear of creating your very own web site. This requires you to buy your own domain name, and hosting your blog.

If you want to make money blogging, it helps if your web site name is easy to remember other than long web names given by all kinds of blog networks who will assign you host names.

blogging-to-the-bankAlthough, using an existing platform might prove easier for some. In a nutshell, to make money blogging you need traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Start by writing some articles, which you consider to be your best work about your niche, and post some of them on your homepage. Duplicate that with multiple sites and niches. Just a few niche blogs are usually not enough, unless you are able to create a flagship blogs, which will become the foremost authority on a particular niche and get a ridiculous amount of traffic somehow.

Start taking care of generating traffic, because you not people to come back and visit your blog again. Send other of your best articles to be posted at the most popular blogger’s sites for better exposure, and as a mean to generate more traffic right back at you. Blog hosts like other guest bloggers to get on their article list. Comment intelligently on other blog posts, to get some traffic your way. Write your thoughts on forums relating to your niche and sign with a link to your blog. Build up your Google PageRank, link profile and alexa rank.

Incorporate selling text links to webmasters and various businesses, seeking to improve their site ranking in Google PageRank. Incorporate e-books, courses and tele-seminars.

Get paid to blog” websites is another way to make money blogging although there is no passive income involved. You are only paid for each sponsored post you produce.

Keep learning, improve your skills, enlarge your knowledge base if you want to make money blogging and if you plan on creating blogs that make a steady income every month. Do what ever feels right for you, and choose an endeavor you will be able to persist in. I wish for your success.

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  1. Leah says:

    Back links… these are the reason why I am here. How do you really make them? I wrote for a week on a lot of blogs, I left my URL just like you said and nice comments. Almost all of them got published already. I checked with a Plug-in my back links. None!! From all the blogs, none! Why? Someone told me that maybe I wrote on blogs with nofollow. All of them? How much time it has to pass in order for them to appear in the results? Please help me on this, I have no traffic on my blog.


    good article,are there any sites i can download my small video .

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