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Make Money Online for Beginners: Do’s and Don’ts

Whether you would like to Make Money Online and earn dozens or hundreds of dollars from your computer per day, or whether you want it to be a full time job for yourself, you can make money online without having to leave your computer.

Of course you need to know some of the Do’s and Don’ts about how to make money online.

Even if you don’t have a web site yet, you have plenty of opportunities to make money online. If you do have an active web site, you can use it as leverage to make money online besides your income generated from your own site.

Note, you won’t get rich from every method, but with the right work ethic and attitude, you will be able to make money online, even with no product and no Web site, only for what and who you know.

Starting with the Don’ts is important for you to understand what you are dealing with, before considering your options:

First, because there are so many opportunities to earn money online on the Internet, you should not follow each trend, which comes along. You should do some homework and investigate as many as you are able. Some sites, like this one, www.maverickmoneymakers.com, will help you investigate more easily and will recommend what’s best for you.

MaverickMoneyMakersWhen you have looked into various trends available, start with one method and follow-through. One of the biggest mistakes is thinking you can go in many directions and try several different programs. Too much information may confuse you before you actually start. After you research which method to make money online you want to join, follow the steps-by-step instructions and give it all you’ve got.

Second, when you start researching programs to male money online, you will be asked to join mailing lists. You will be offered free reports or articles or newsletters or some information about any subject. Some of the information is good, however, how much can you read and how much can you follow at once? Try to limit the email you get in your inbox, by not subscribing to each list.

Third, Some of these programs cost a lot of money and their sales letters might temp you, but don’t buy every program you see. You will end up spending too much money for programs sitting on your hard drive doing nothing. Even programs, which cost just $6 or $20 start to add up when you buy a few every week. Avoid the trap.

So, what should you do? Lets look at your options:

Article Writing

Sites pay you to write articles. This opportunity is good also for beginners because this is a simple and direct way to earn money, especially, if it is easy for you to write a 300-word article on a topic of your choice. Usually, a user gets paid when his or hers articles receive a certain number of views. Of course, the more articles you write the more potential you have to earn money online.

Rates are low in comparison to professional writer’s rates, but if you’re trying to go into this trend and have spare time on your hands, and you want to make extra money, it’s a good start. Also, you can become a part-time blogger for a number of venues out there. They may pay per post or even on a steady salary basis.


Making money from your own blog is very easy. Blogging offers a great potential when it comes to making money. This is also good for beginners. Starting your own blog, can be confusing a bit, but can worth while in the long run. Blogs make money through advertisements and affiliate programs. The more traffic you get to your blog, the more successful it will be.

Survey Sites

Survey sites look for consumer opinions on products and services and rely on unbiased opinions given in online surveys. Survey sites are also good for beginners. It doesn’t require too much effort from your part, and the surveys come to you (sent by email). Survey sites usually send between 2-15 surveys a month, depending on your own background, details and general demographics. The online survey sites pay a few dollars on average. When choosing a survey site, see that it is a free-sign-up site.

Help People Find Jobs

There are sites, which connect employers with prospective employees. It can relate to workers already employed or job hunters, utilizing networking to locate the right people for the job. A commission is paid for referring candidates who are hired. You can make money fast, anywhere from dozens to hundreds of dollars with no expense what so ever. In the current world situation, you probably know many job seekers.

Suppliers / Buyers Connection

It is custom to receive referral fee in business, but it’s a new venture when it comes to online money making ideas and networking sites. The ability to track these sites and make money online of it is hard, but there are sites, which provide just that. Suppliers and buyers set the referral fee they are considering paying for each service rendered, and when the transaction occurs, then you make money. You can even make money online just for setting up meeting and making introductions.

Making money online can be fun and enjoyable. However, make sure you do your research before trying a program to make sure it is a legitimate opportunity and not a scam.


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  1. Sushil Kumar Goyel says:

    not open above website can you help me please, i am interested joining in good survey side. thanking you,

  2. Ian Whyte says:

    This is the first article in a row of about 20 that I finally discover something new and interesting when it comes to work at home jobs. On every site you find information about blogging, surveys and affiliate, but you came with a new idea for me, to intermediate jobs. I understand it is an introduction to different kind of jobs, but could you expand the topic? I am eager to find more information on this topic, as it is something I might be good at, who knows?

    • David Williams says:

      Thanks for the compliment, Ian. It’s very much appreciated.

      Talking about intermediate jobs will require an altogether new blog post. Keep visiting this site, as I’m taking note of the topic you want me to talk about.

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