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Gone are the days when earning your living as a writer means that you only earn enough to get by and survive.  Sure there are writers who barely scrape by with their salary as writers, being paid a pittance for their efforts.

But you don’t have to be one of them.

 In the first few months, you might not make enough make money writing online a self-sufficient venture. But it is possible to earn enough money to make writing a great way to boost your career.

SO how do you make GREAT money writing online?

There are three things to keep in mind:

Make Money Writing Online

Tip #1: Put in the hours

AT first, you might have to take in low-paying writing gigs that will in no way sustain your lifestyle. This is absolutely acceptable. You have to climb your way to the top. Fortunately, this isn’t an arduous process. If you exert enough effort matched by persistent practice, you will eventually earn sustainable money writing online.

Tip #2: Build your reputation

As you go along you will deal with different clients who will ask you to write for them. The way you deal with them is just as important as the quality of the articles you turn over. This means that you have to have an admirable work ethic—coordinate with them professionally and most importantly, turn over your articles on time.

Tip #3: Watch the quality of your article

Before turning in your article, make sure that it follows three important guidelines: research-based, polished grammar, and edited. As long as you keep these three guideposts in mind, your articles should not suffer from poor quality.

The Ways to Make Money Writing Online Through Online Writing Websites

By now you’re probably itching to know: how do I make money writing online?

There are several ways to start, and the best part is that you don’t even have to have preliminary experience!




It’s impossible not to love Hubpages. With its easy, accessible and convenient features, you can create “hubs” about different niche topics, based on affiliate marketing products or AdSense revenues. For AdSense revenues, you will get 60% of the revenues you generate.  The best part about HubPages is that you don’t have to have technical knowledge in order to customize the hubs.  As long as you have copywriting skills—or even standard English writing skills—you should be able to jumpstart your online writing career.


This is another great starting point for aspiring online writers. Whatever you write gets published in existing websites, allowing you to reach a wider scope of audience.

Another reason why it’s great to start at Triond.com is that the website constantly looks for fresh material. AS long as you submit a novel or original idea, then the chances that you’d get published are pretty high. You get 50% of the ad revenues, and will get paid every 15th of the month.


The site pays you to write online reviews about a variety of products—from blenders to flat panels. You get $1 for every review—making a total of $10 for every 10 reviews. Payment is mostly done by Paypal. If you like reviewing products and would like an honest to goodness means of earning revenues along the way, this site is a great starting point.


If you have experience writing all kinds of letters from letters of inquiry and letters of credit to acceptance letters and acceptance of resignation, LetterRep is your go-to site to make money writing online. The site pays as much as $10 to $15 by simply writing letters.

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  1. TMerski says:

    I completely agree that writing online in a freelance capacity is an excellent way to build your own business and a liveable income as well. So many websites, blogs, social media sites and forums need content. So many people want ebooks. This is the information age! If you can write at a competent level, you can earn a living.

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