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How to Increase Page Ranking without SEO?

How to Increase Page Ranking without SEO?

Whether you are struggling to maintain a-not-so-popular website or just starting to build a site, the next thing you should do is to make it popular by improving its page ranking.

A page rank is the ranking search engines, like Yahoo! and Google, measure to determine how relevant or important your website is when people search the topic on the internet.

When you search for the word “hearts” for example, Google and Yahoo! will … Continue Reading

Generate More Website Traffic with Proven Techniques

Generate More Website Traffic with Proven Techniques

A website is as good as useless if you’re not getting its message across to anyone. The only way you can get your website’s message out to people is if you generate more website traffic.

Generating website traffic is not easy at all; after all, you are competing with millions of other websites that Internet users would rather visit.

You have to provide clear reasons why Internet users should visit your website. What is the content of your website? How engaging is your website to the readers? Is there any immediate benefit they will gain from visiting your website? … Continue Reading

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