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Create Press Releases That Get Attention

Create Press Releases That Get Attention

By Dean Wiltse

If you operate a website, press releases are useful, cost-effective ways of publicizing and promoting your website. Moreover, they can generate regular interest in and traffic to your site, at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Press releases are typically one page, engaging news stories announcing or promoting newsworthy events, written in a distinct, industry-accepted format. Press releases don’t cost much to create, but they do require some investment of your time and effort learning how to write them, where to submit them for publication, and more importantly, discerning what’s newsworthy enough to publicize. … Continue Reading

10 Link Building Techniques for Business Blogs

10 Link Building Techniques for Business Blogs

By now, you probably understand the value of link building: the more links to your website, the better the traffic flow will be and the visibility of your website, and ultimately the opportunity to generate revenues is thus increased.

The value of link building in search engine optimization is also unquestionable: link building will help you get a top ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo. … Continue Reading

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