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Using 401k to Start a Business

Using 401k to Start a Business

Just last year, around 4,050 businesses, with 60% of them being franchises, were financed by retirement money. This paved the way for the creation of as many as 60,000 jobs and a whooping $8.3 billion to the national economy.

Using 401k to start a business has become the new way of making money online.

The practice, which started around 2000, is done usually s by rolling retirement funds to finance startups. Around 35% to 40% of franchisees tapped into their retirement funds in order to launch their business. To date, around 10,000 small businesses … Continue Reading

7 Ways to Generate Your Own Startup Capital

7 Ways to Generate Your Own Startup Capital

You have a business idea that you’re sure will be a hit, but how do you gather enough funds to even sell it to the public? Generating your own startup capital can be as difficult as developing your business idea, but there are several ways to do it.

Here are seven tips to generate your own startup capital and get your way out of corporate slavery. … Continue Reading

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