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Building Effective, Mind Blowing Landing Page

Building Effective, Mind Blowing Landing Page

If it is human nature to judge a book by its cover or if it is true that first impression lasts, it is just fitting then that we create a landing page that is effective and mind blowing.

Landing page is the same as the lead capture page. This is the page that shows when a visitor click on a link.

Thus, a landing page could either be your home page, another page on your website, a pop-up page or even a light-box. As landing page is where your visitor will be brought to after clicking on a link of your website, you might as well use the landing page effectively. … Continue Reading

Create Blog Content That Brings the Reader Back

Create Blog Content That Brings the Reader Back

Blogging is a powerful tool used by affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and even powerful multinational corporations around the world.

Blogging was one of the driving forces behind the advent of Web 2.0 and has provided numerous benefits for people around the world, allowing them to remain in touch, to socialize and to share with each other regardless of national boundaries or geographic barriers.

As you might imagine, blogging has some powerful implications for business, but you will need to know how to create blog content that brings your readers back. What should you know about blog writing? … Continue Reading

10 Powerful Search Engine Marketing Tips

10 Powerful Search Engine Marketing Tips

You’re getting frustrated. You have tried every SEO tip under your belt, but you’re website still isn’t ranking as high as you want for the keywords you’ve chosen.

In fact, you’re nowhere near the top, if your site is searchable at all. There are strong reasons why your website isn’t probably as strong and high-ranking as you want it to be.

As a matter of fact, you’re probably NOT doing your search engine marketing right. … Continue Reading

How to Increase Page Ranking without SEO?

How to Increase Page Ranking without SEO?

Whether you are struggling to maintain a-not-so-popular website or just starting to build a site, the next thing you should do is to make it popular by improving its page ranking.

A page rank is the ranking search engines, like Yahoo! and Google, measure to determine how relevant or important your website is when people search the topic on the internet.

When you search for the word “hearts” for example, Google and Yahoo! will … Continue Reading

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