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Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs – What Is It All About

Pay per lead affiliate programs, as opposed to regular affiliate programs you join, which require you to refer a customer to their product’s sale page consequently purchasing the product or service, do not entail anyone purchasing anything at all.

This is a whole other marketing concept, which relates to specific markets and suppliers.

With Pay Per Lead affiliate programs you basically get paid for each referral you send to a specific landing page or web site, providing this person takes the required steps, dictated by the supplier’s wishes.

Although the person referred does not have to buy anything, he is usually required to do one of these actions for you to get paid with the Pay Per Lead program; The supplier might desire this person to:

  • fill out a form
  • sign up for a newsletter or mailing list
  • sign up for a trial membership
  • ask for any kind of specific offer from the supplier
  • download something for free i.e. a toolbar or screensaver or even sign up for free consultation of some kind

Pay Per Lead

Pay Per Lead

Another way to comply with the supplier’s demands for you to get paid with the Pay per Lead program in case he wants the referral people to sign up to a opt in list, is to use scripts to embed opt in forms into your own website.

These kinds of programs are usually suitable to the insurance business, real estate and mortgage business, health care or any other competitive field or niche, with a limited amount of prospective customers, so everybody ends up fighting for each customer, and are willing to pay some money for people like you, to just refer interested clients to their product or service, even before they commit to pay anything to the supplier.

Of course, your earning, for just referring people, are significantly low compared to sale affiliate programs, but if you have the right audience in your hands, you can make a nice extra income from this alone.

Find Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs in Your Niche

The best and easiest way is to try to find Pay per Lead Affiliate Programs, which relate directly to your target audience’s needs, although there are Pay per Lead Affiliate programs out there promoting products or services, anybody could find interesting in some point in time, so any of your readers could end up making you money on something you usually don’t know much about.

It is possible you will encounter a Pay per Lead Affiliate Program, which will require you to fill in some details about yourself and your promotion methods, before accepting you to the program, in the event a supplier wants to ensure your promoting efforts correspond to standards befitting his product or service.

TIP: Sign up to more than one Pay per Lead Affiliate Program in each niche you choose so you can present your readers or email recipients with more than one option, making it more likely for them to try out at least one of the options or more.

Usually you will be given ample customer support by the Pay per Lead Affiliate Programs, in order to make sure that you know how the program works and what is required from your audience to do in order for you to get paid.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the program, for as opposed to regular affiliate programs having landing pages basically doing all the marketing work for you and because of the nature of the promoted products or services in these niches, in his case, you have a harder job on your hands convincing the reader even just to perform the simplest task on the suppliers site or page.

After understanding what’s it all about, I can add that some Pay per Lead Programs grant regular bonus payments in some cases, and there is also a possibility for multi-tier affiliate programs, allowing affiliates to sign up other affiliates under them resulting in passive income for the affiliate.

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  1. Ron R. says:

    Great article. straight and to the point. you have explained it perfectly in my book. Good information. waiting for more posts.

  2. uwem says:

    it is interesting i like it
    so i can i start this business!!. pls help

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  4. Dilawer says:

    I am looking for an affiliate program, (Pay per sign up)…..

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