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5 Most Profitable Products to Sell on eBay

eBay is a great platform of making money online. Whether you’re planning on posting free classified ads for your informational product, buying and selling products, or starting an online business, eBay should easily be your top choice for an online marketplace.

Once you decide to sell on eBay, you should immediately think of a game plan to maximize your profits and earn as much as you can.

So, how can you earn as much as possible on eBay? The solution is simple: just keep a healthy stock of the most profitable products to sell on eBay! As simple as it sounds, this involves extreme foresight in your part.

How do you even know what the most profitable products on eBay will be in the first place? There’s no way of telling what’s profitable today and what’s not tomorrow, is there? You’re wrong.

By choosing niches that are profitable online, you can make a reaping out of selling on eBay. The rule is easy: just choose the profitable niches and avoid the ones that will (a) sell for only a small margin of profit and (b) are not popularly searched by eBay customers.

By avoiding products under these two qualifications, you will end up selling everything that you have on stock (Doing this involves careful observation and vigilance on your part).

Here are four features in eBay that will help you decide which products you can profit the most from. They will tell you which products are currently in demand. Although knowing which products are in demand certainly helps, you have to consider two facts:

  1. There are also many other sellers selling products that are in demand. You should therefore have an edge over them in terms of marketing such products more effectively, offering better guarantee, and being a more reliable seller.
  2. You can only profit the most from these products by buying ahead from a supplier that will sell products that are in demand by bulk.

Here are the three helpful eBay functions that can help you find out which products to sell in the first place:

eBay Top Searches

eBay aggregates the most searched keywords and combines them to make this list. The ratio of number of keyword searches to the availability of the product is then calculated to determine which items will make it to the list.

You can check eBay Pulse to find out which items are the most popular (by number of searches) and are most watched (by number of ad views). Doing so will give you an idea of which products to buy and sell for at least a month.

eBay Popular Products

eBay also has an updated index of what the best-selling products are – eBay popular products. The products are divided into 12 categories, which are also the best niche products in the site.

eBay Popular Products by Categories

eBay Popular Products by Categories

eBay Selling Guides

Whether you are selling toys or video games, there’s a guide in eBay that can help you come up with the best model for selling certain items and how you can profit best from them.

With this list, what exactly are the most profitable products to sell on eBay?

  1. Informational Products – I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again: informational products remain to be one of the most profitable products to sell on eBay. Maybe not everybody will jump in and buy them as fast as they would buy the latest Apple device, but once they do, you’re making an even bigger profit than any other product. Why? Because the only cost of informational products is you, your research, your time, and your effort.
  2. Affiliate Marketing Products – Technically, you’re not selling these items yourself, but selling affiliate products will give you an opportunity of selling products with only your marketing efforts involved.
  3. DVDs – If you can find a reliable supplier of DVDs online, you can resell them with a reasonable margin of profit online. To know in advance which DVDs you should sell on eBay, it would be best for you to check what the top-grossing films and the top-selling DVDs are in advance. By selling used DVDs, you also earn profit from something that you have already used. That’s precisely why DVDs have made it in this list.
  4. Books – Buying books online is also becoming a popular trend in eBay. Instead of running off to their nearest bookstore, people would rather buy books in advance and have them shipped to their doorstep. You can be a book retailer of nonfiction books, textbooks, and literature books.
  5. Electronic Products – With the fast rise of technology, people are in constant need of electronic gadgets. From entertainment devices to memory cards, customers are always looking for them. Consider Jamie Murray, an entrepreneur who has earned millions of pounds by selling electronic accessories alone and earned the title of Top eBay Seller of the Year 2007.

Whichever of these profitable products you want to sell on eBay, you have to be aware of one important truth: quantity will not result in quality of profits. If you want to earn thousands, possibly even millions, in eBay, choosing as many niches as possible isn’t the way to do it.

So how exactly will you choose a niche?

First, think of which category you feel most passionate about. Do you like electronic gadgets and have reasonable expertise on it? Or are you a book worm who’s on the lookout for the most recommended reads? Next, consider your resources. It would be crazy for you to sell products that are far from reach and will have to be imported elsewhere.

What you should sell on eBay are products that you are able to buy in bulk for a cheap cost. This way, you can resell them and earn massive profits in bulk as well.

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  1. Ethan Pepper says:

    Good artice. I’m not so sure about informational products it seems unless your a true expert on something people may be dissatisfied. I totally agree you have to find a niche that you fit well into otherwise you’ll have no repeat customers.

  2. jadensafford says:

    thanks very much this is a good post.

  3. Scott says:

    This is great stuff. Going to put this on my site right away.

  4. Cmarten says:

    I’ve written several non-fiction niche ebooks and sell them from my website and other sites, but never actually thought of selling them on Ebay. Why not? I have no idea. lol Your report about the most popular items on Ebay really hit home. I think I’ll have to make time to expand my informational product business onto this most popular auction site. Thanks!

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