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10 Resources to Help You Write Better Blog Titles

Your blog title catches the attention of the reader first. It compels the reader to read further and once read, it will spread like a wild fire!

But for many writers, writing an effective blog title is their waterloo. Many are lost in oblivion as to how properly craft a title and in the end, they just write whatever that comes to mind.

Techniques in Crafting a Blog Title

It is important to remember that blog post titles are the ones that first pop on search engines, on social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Digg, Flickr, StumbleUpon, etc., on links from other bloggers, and on RSS feeds.

So, don’t rush!  Spend enough time crafting your blog title since you also spend time writing a compelling blog post. If you do this, your well-written post will not come to waste. 

The following are some of the popular techniques in crafting a blog title:

1. State the benefit

Let’s say you are a novice blogger and you are reading this post. What attracts you to read further are the benefits that you will get from reading this post.

You want to know how to compose a title that will draw readers to your new site and the title of this post shows you how to.

2. Craft titles that ask questions

Experiment on this on your social media site. Write a status that asks questions and people in your network are sure to post their comments.

3. Use the “You”

Writing in the second person point-of-view sets the tone that the blogger is talking to the reader. It zooms in to you, your needs and your specific situation.

4. Create a scene for controversy

Intriguing titles grab the reader’s attention and attract strong reactions from the readers (this is what you want!). The more reactions you received mean that many readers visit your site.

5. Spread the keywords

Keywords catches the attention especially when found in the title and the post

Consider how the techniques will impact your title and your post. Although you can experiment on the five techniques mentioned above, there are still many other techniques that you can explore and consider…

Ten Popular Resources to Help You Write Better Blog Titles

Ten of the most popular resources to help you write better blog titles are listed below. Although some of the resources touched ‘almost’ the same topic, still they give different weight on particular techniques.

Some follows the convention of ‘how to’ and ‘tips’, while others are more creative and upbeat. Nevertheless, all resources are insightful and fun to read, and once you’re done reading, you are all set to write a compelling blog title:

1. How to Craft Kick-Ass Title Tags & Headlines.
It gives you an overview on what type of headline that works and what doesn’t work. It expounds on the three main classes of successful headlines as well as strategies in using your headline for SEO.

2. How to Optimize Blog Post Titles.
This resource gives you an overview on who your readers are and what type of title that captivates them, yet keeping in mind how the title would work best in search engines.

3. How to Write Magnetic Headlines.
It gives an 11-part series articles that guide a novice and even expert bloggers to a sure-fire great headline. Each article is compelling on its own and by the time you finish reading this comprehensive 11 articles, you are set to diligently craft one ‘nasty’, creative and forceful headline.

4. 10 Sure-Fire Head line Formulas That Work.
This resource is not your usual tips on how to write great headlines. It lists ready-to-use 10 headline templates that follow other great tips, sort of an application of what you’d been reading about.

5. 7 More Sure-Fire Head line Tem plates that Work.
The resource is seven ready-to-use templates as a follow-up to Brian Clark’s first part.  Well-written and witty, Clark’s templates doesn’t follow the usual ‘how to’ and ‘list’ approach.

6. How to write blog post titles while keeping SEO in mind.
It explains the reasons why a title is bad and lists good titles and reasons why it works.

7. Tools and Resources to Write Compelling Post Titles.
This resource is simple and direct as it explains the importance of keywords in the title and how it will affect SEO if not used properly.

8. Write Your Titles CAREFULLY and AFTER the Post. Some writers may be comfortable with writing the title first than the body of the post while others finish the body then they think of the title. With this resource, it gives you an overview on why it is better to go for the body first then the title after.

9. How to Craft Post Titles that Draw Readers Into Your Blog.
This resource gives you eight tips on how to craft compelling headlines that really draws attention and readership.

10. Great Content… Bad Titles – How to Let Your Blog Go.
Finally, a witty resource that expounds on the importance of blog post titles, how an ineffective title could affect great contents. A good read, this resource also gives five easy tips on how to make great blog titles, so great contents would not come to waste.

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