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SEO Link Building Ground Rules

Before anything else, you need to know that SEO link building is one of the toughest tasks you have you to perform in order to succeed in your promotion scheme involving SEO. SEO link building includes internal link building, between your own web site pages, and also external link building, which represents the greater majority of beneficial links for your site’s visibility, ranking and traffic volumes.

While getting other sites to link back to your own website, these back links increase your popularity which increases, among others, for instance, your Google Page Rank although good ranking does not represent a full success with SEO but only an indication of your popularity.

Of course, it is not enough to get any links, for some of them might end up harming you in the long run, whether they come from dubious sites like adult site etc. or whether they come for paid link services, who discontinue your links when they stop getting paid for it. This may cause you serious damage with search engines, so take care and outline your strategy before deciding to take any link you can get. In contrast, links from government sites or established educational institutions prove to be the best promotional links ever.

Link Building - Search Engine Optimization

Link Building - Search Engine Optimization

Here are some basic ground rules to follow, while considering your SEO link building techniques and scheme:

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is a way to bait links by posting content, videos or tools, which tempt people to link to it. For better ranking, you should have this bait related to the keyword you want to rank for, so people will use that keyword to link back to you.

Using Networking Sites, Blog and Forum Commenting

Find blogs and forums related to your niche and desired keywords and post intelligent, inspirational and useful comments with links to your site. If readers find you interesting, they will consider clicking on your link for more information from you. Beware of no-follow links, an option opened to blog owners, which means that a link will not be accredited as a back link, so when you do get links from “nofollow” sites they will be worthless from an SEO point of view.

Networking sites like Facebook and twitter sometimes allow you to attach your link to your profile page. If you get people to become your friend or follower, they are likely to check out your website. Try posting your content on good quality social media sites and news sites.

Write Articles

Write an informative useful article on the topic related to your site, either submit it to article sites and directories with your website link in the resource box or author bio box, or set up a supporting blog site of your own and post it there. Always leave a link back to your website. You can stipulate copying your content with keeping your link in the article.

Press Releases

Keep you web site in the news to be shown in Google’s news results, besides getting back links from this publication. Try doing that every 2 weeks.

Link Directories

While there are many directories, which give you a link for free, you might have to wait for months before for your site is listed, and more over, you risk getting links from dubious sites, like adult sites, which does not improve your ranking at all. If you must, Sort out the quality directories and prepare to pay for some.

Paid Links

These links can come also from text links, banners and other ads, sponsored listings. While they normally just help traffic some rather than ranking, there are a few reasons to use paid links; one of them is getting listed faster. Another reason is the probability to get a good quality link once you pay for it. Good rank building paid links are embedded in good content rather than obvious advertising.

Use Anchor Text

Anchor text is a way to build quality back links. Use descriptive anchor text in all your links that matches your niche in both external and internal links. Use your keywords as anchor text in your back links for good results and added link-juice to your back links. Often change your Anchor text for search engines to see it as more natural.

In conclusion here are a few more tips:

  • You need to research the web and find relevant high-ranking, high trust sites to get links from, and to accomplish that you should search for your keyword on Google for the top 100 listings. You want to get as many of those sites and specifically those pages most relevant to you, to link to you as possible.
  • Feel out you competitors and find sites that link back to several of them. Links from sites that link to your competitors should probably be good ones. Links from back links from your competitors can be good too.
  • Major sites use wiki pages on site, so their content is editable by users. Remember, check for no follow attribute before you place a link to your site.

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  1. Jessica Pruett says:

    I desperately need to increase my page rank. In fact I don’t have a page rank! It is 0!!. This is very helpful information and I will take them one by one and apply them to my own site. But I need to know how do I discover which blog has a no follow attribute to the links from comments. Because I work alone and I really do not want to waste time in leaving my link on such blogs. I will try to follow your tip in leaving quality comments so that both of us will gain something.

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