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Squidoo Marketing – Four Squidoo Marketing Tips

Finding ways to increase your online marketing scope can be somewhat difficult. However, there are several tools available that can greatly increase your success.

One of these is to make use of Squidoo. Squidoo marketing can ramp up your success and increase the visibility of your other websites to a considerable extent. That said, you’ll have to know how to use this service to get the most out of it.

First, you need to know what a Squidoo lens actually is. In essence, this is a free page that the company offers to you.

You can fill this page with content and then submit it and create another one. In fact, you can have as many lenses as you wish to create. However, in order for them to be of benefit to you, they have to attract traffic.

This is where Squidoo marketing strategies come in. What do these strategies encompass? What do they offer you?

The first rule of using Squidoo lenses effectively is to ensure that your chosen keyword is used in the title of the lens. Doing otherwise will reduce its effectiveness and might even prevent it from being listed through Google search results.

The keywords used within the lens are vital and the title of the lens is where this starts.

Squidoo Marketing

Squidoo Marketing

The second key facet of Squidoo affiliate marketing is to choose the right niche. Niche marketing is a vital element of all Internet marketing strategies, and it applies to Squidoo, too. Finding the right niche can be a bit time consuming, but you will be rewarded when you make the right choice.

Choose a niche that has a lot of interest, but one that is not terribly saturated. The more competitors there are within the niche, the less likely your lens is to be ranked the best one (and therefore be featured in Google).

To find out the competition within your niche market, you can use Google’s “site:” search feature. After the colon, simply put “Squidoo”, followed by your chosen keyword or keyword phrase. The results will be all Squidoo lenses that pertain to what you intend to use.

These results can be used to help you with your Squidoo affiliate marketing by helping you determine the relative worth of a particular niche or keyword within that network.

Another tip to marketing using Squidoo is to ensure that you always have at least one link to your own website from the lens. You should not overdo it, peppering links throughout the lens, but having one or two links is acceptable.

You should also ensure that you use other high-ranking links that are relevant to your topic. Anything with a .gov is considered excellent, though you should never use links that do not relate to your content.

Squidoo marketing can be used to increase the traffic to your website or affiliate page quite easily if you use the tips above. Of course, there are numerous other tips that you can use to help you refine your lenses and ensure that yours are the best offerings on Squidoo. This will make certain that your lenses are featured through search engine results, rather than simply sitting on the network, generating little interest.

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  1. Squidoo is an excellent resource and a great alternative to writing and submitting blogs and articles.
    With its high page rank these are the kind of sites you want your website linking into.

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