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Starting a Blog, And Selling It

It might take a while for you to make money by starting a blog. But what’s the indicator that it’s finally the perfect time to sell your blog?

There are certain metrics that will tell you that you might get a good price after starting a blog. A majority, if not all, of these qualities should be found in your blog.

Starting a Blog - And Selling ItWordPress Self-Hosting
Although most blogs are hosted by free platforms like WordPress or Blogspot, you should strive for a self-hosted website that gets traffic and rankings on its own.

Crisp Design
Most blog buyers wouldn’t touch a blog that looks messy or disorganized. You best stick to a layout that’s clean cut, simple, and direct to the point.

Good Traffic
One of the essentials of starting a blog is figuring out how to get a steady stream of traffic; this is, most of the time, what buyers are looking for.

Audience Reach
Your audience reach matters as much as the number of hits you average. After starting a blog, you must have established a personal connection with your audience.

Where should you sell your blog?

After starting a blog, your next order of business is to find a platform where you can sell it. You’re by no means limited to one platform. In fact, here are three credible sites that are great places to sell your blog.

Flippa – Starting a Blog, and Getting a Four-Figure Price for it

There are a number of online platforms where you can sell a blog you started. Flippa is one of the more credible ones. Flippa is an online bidding site, where you websites and blogs are sold on auction.

If your blog meets the mentioned requirements, you might be lucky enough to fetch as much as a four-figure amount for it.

Flippa runs a counter, to prove just how many sales it’s been making. As of writing, its overall sales has reached as much as $98,156, 271!

eBay Website Auctions – A Tried and Tested Website for Selling Sites

If you’re looking for as wide a market as possible, you should turn to eBay Website Auction,  which is pretty much one of the more mainstream website auction sites.

What sets eBay Website Auctions apart from the other platforms is the fact that it’s an eBay brand—which can be both a good and a bad thing. It’s good, especially if you want to reach as many potential buyers as possible. But it’s also a bad thing, especially for unscrupulous sellers who might get scammed before they even realize it.

Starting a blog and selling it on eBay is a pretty smart move, especially since the website itself separates its products into different categories: home-based businesses, marketing,  wholesale trade, etc.

Sedo Auctions – A Pay-Per-Sale Auction Site

Many blog sellers are turned off by Sedo Auctions, because they won’t get the entire selling price for the blog they started. By selling your blog in Sedo, you will have to pay a 10% commission to the website.

However, Sedo is one of the more reliable brands and has a number of partner sites, where your blogs will be listed as well. The distribution system is automatic as well.

More importantly, Sedo will verify the buyer’s payment method for you.

How should you create an auction listing?

Keep in mind that for your niche topic, there are at least a thousand other sites being auctioned off. How can you stand out in the sea of blogs that have the same goal of getting sold?

1. Have a killer call to action

This may be the last part of the listing, but it’s certainly the most important. In this part, you’re sending the powerful message to the prospective buyer that will resonate and compel him to press the buy button.

2. Be transparent

Narrate briefly your journey from starting a blog to the point where you’re selling it. Display the stats—the traffic, the earnings, and the audience reach. All these are important in giving the buyer an equipped decision.

3. Attach the proof

Make sure that you give some sort of proof of your earnings. This includes PayPal earnings, affiliate network earnings, and whatnot.

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