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Ten Easy Ways For Students to Make Money Online

Need to find ways to augment that meager student allowance? Or perhaps you are feeling the stab of rising interests on that student loan you took out a number of years ago?

Thankfully, you can make extra income in a number of ways though the web. Here’s how:

1. Come Up With Trendy Facebook Applications

If you know a few things about computer programming and graphics software manipulation, then you should think up of creating applications that Facebook users will find to be fun, creative, and useful.

These applications can be anywhere from games, to animated avatars, to horoscope updates. Really, the possibilities are endless, and the more in-demand applications you make, the more money you get to earn.

2. Utilize Your Twitter as a Marketing Channel

Marketing has never been this concise until the arrival of Twitter. So how do you get started, you may ask? Simply browse for free Twitter affiliate programs and sign up for as many as you like.

After reviewing your account, these sellers will contact you to finally give you the go signal to include links of their sites on your Twitter posts.

You get paid every time a Twitter follower of yours clicks the link. Of course, you get to pocket commissions as well should the visitor you directed to the seller end up obtaining something.

This works really well for those with vast Twitter networks, so start expanding your contacts as early as now!

3. Blog Your Way to Hundreds of Dollars in a Week

If you have a blog going and it is earning rather measly, then you should take more aggressive steps to monetize it. A lot of advertisers are looking for bloggers to market their respective products or services to as many potential clients as possible. You can write blog posts mentioning these products or services. You can also create dedicated consumer reviews.

So how do you get started with such a money making method? Volunteer your blog and your writing skills! Frequent freelancer websites to participate in blog writing project bidding, or directly apply for related jobs posted on sites such as Craigslist.

4. Pepper Your Blog or Website With Affiliate Ads

Again, this will work if you already have a blog or a web site going. To start up with this method, you will first need to sign up for affiliate programs with good monetary sharing schemes.

Now, every time you mention the products or services in your posts, targeted ads will appear on your site. If any of your visitors click on these, they get instantly directed to the web sites of sellers or providers of these products or services.

The simple clicking alone will already get you earning. But the real deal lies in the purchase, as you can get as much as 75% on commissions, depending on the affiliate program you joined.

5. Contact Your LinkedIn Connections for Available Jobs

It never hurts to volunteer your expertise, especially if you do so through the connections you have on LinkedIn. This is because these people probably already know you and the marketable skills you possess.

So if any of them are currently looking for people of your caliber, then they need not have to contact character references to filter out job hopefuls anymore.

6. Put Up an eBay Storefront for Old Textbooks

If you have a number of textbooks lying around, dispose them and earn in the process. You can do this by putting up your very own eBay store dedicated solely to previously-owned college textbooks.

Earn Extra Income

Earn Extra Income

You get to make money in the endeavor, and at the same time help out cash-strapped students like yourself to save on book costs.

7. Offer Your Academic Writing Skills

There are a number of web sites hiring people knowledgeable in academic writing standards, and the rates are really competitive.

Simple book report writing starts at $10 per page, and the more complex thesis writing as much as $40 per page!

8. Make Money With Your Photo Retouching Skills

If you are quite proficient in photo enhancing software programs such as Photoshop, then you have just added another skill to your roster of marketable expertise.

Sign up for freelancing sites and bid on such projects, or directly submit your application to employers through ads posted on popular job websites.

9. Offer Those Breathtaking Photographs for Sale

Finally, you can make quick money off of that photography talent of yours. And you do not even have to have a professional grade camera to take advantage of this.

With that consumer digital camera, or even that camera phone, you can take photographs that you can readily sell to stock photo sites. However, there is one caveat about this method. You most likely won’t have rights over the photographs you sell—meaning—you won’t get your name attached to the photographs you so calculatingly took.

10. Try Your Luck at Virtual Assisting

This job has grown increasingly in demand, with more and more employers from around the world preferring virtual workers. Among the administrative responsibilities you will be tasked with are answering of emails, arranging of appointments, and calling of clients or sales leads. The best thing about this is that you get to hold a stable job which you will perform purely at home.

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