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Ten Scam-Free Ways to Make Money Online Fast

The traditional marketplace has long been replaced by its virtual counterpart. This makes possible a lot of opportunities to make a decent income through the Web.

And if you are one of those looking to make an honest living through this channel, then take into consideration these suggestions…

Have your own eBay store going

If you are the entrepreneurial type, then this should be particularly easy for you. All you need to do is to round up all those items you no longer need in your home.

Create a list of these, assign prices, and photograph each item. On your eBay storefront, upload the pictures and prices. Add in catchy product descriptions while you are at it. Now, all you need to do is to reach friends and other people on your contacts list to encourage them to buy.

Amass items through speculative bidding on eBay

While on eBay and waiting for sales to come in, conduct your own buying. But ensure to only obtain items that are really sale-able. And to guarantee that you get the best deals possible, place very low speculative bids on the products you are eyeing.

Now, chances of your bids getting considered by the sellers straight up is unlikely. The thing here is to wait. Some eBay power sellers will contact unsuccessful bidders to offer them the very same products at the failed bid rate.

As you probably know, these power sellers are able to adjust their prices because they get their wares from suppliers that give them really low wholesale rates. And if this indeed materializes on bids, grab the offer! You might even want to consider getting more than one set. Now, you can then sell these items offline with a considerable markup.

Offer your blog writing services

If you currently run your own blog, then by all means offer it to become a channel for advertisers to promote their products!

Contact these organizations and offer to write reviews which you will then post on your blog. The pay here is highly variable, but definitely a good way to make quick money.

Opt to join a good affiliate program

If you own a blog or a website and it gets it share of decent visitors on a daily basis, then you should highly consider signing up for an affiliate program. It is typically through eBay, although a lot of other online selling platforms also offer it.

When you sign up to a program, relevant items that you mention in your posts will automatically have ads placed in specific areas of your site. When a visitor clicks on this ad, he or she will be automatically directed to the seller’s site.

In here, you will get instant income for simply directing a potential buyer to the seller. And if the visitor ends up purchasing an item, you get certain amounts for commission as well.

Put your computer programming skills to profitable use

Now, you are probably one of the millions of skillful computer programmers who are smitten with Facebook. So why not turn your hours of using this social networking site into an income-generating one by creating applications?

As you probably know by now, these applications are for sale. So all you need to do is to create one that will be a hit to Facebook users, and that’s easy money for you.

Generate income from your amateur photography skills

Have a digital camera and the knack for capturing evocative photos? Then by all means make money off of it!

There are a number of stock photo sites that will pay decent fees for such a skill. However, you may not be credited for your shots, so be prepared to give up rights to these.

Work in the capacity of a ghostwriter

A lot of websites require written content. So if you have to talent to string cohesive and engaging write-ups, then you will surely thrive, creatively and monetarily, in this trade. Payment systems vary though.

There are clients that will take up to two weeks to compensate you for your articles. But there are definitely those who will instantly send payment upon submission of completed assignments.

Put those Photoshop manipulation skills to work

There are so many people requiring the services of a good photo retouches. So instead of just spending hours on end creating personalized avatars, might as well take photo retouching projects that pay.

Take advantage of Twitter affiliate programs

If you have thousands of people following your Twitter, then you might just be able to turn it into a convenient money making platform. A lot of free affiliate programs are now available for this social networking site:

  • Simply sign up for a chosen program and you can start posting links to seller sites.
  • Simply directing potential buyers could earn you money.

Of course, if the visitor turns up purchasing, then that’s added commission for you too.

Create a panhandling website

If you are one of those highly computer skilled yet jobless people, you might want to consider this. However, you will definitely need to swallow your pride.

“Panhandling” is more commonly known as begging. You can come up with a website that implores people to give unspecified amounts of monetary donations. Of course, you can’t expect for people to readily give.

This is why it would be best to provide an explanation as to why you’ve resorted to such a desperate method, and post it to the “About” section of the site.

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