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The Best Telecommuting Jobs

So you want a telecommuting job but you’re not sure you want to waste your health-related degree or law degree, and try out computer programming?

Good news! The nature of telecommuting jobs are fast changing, and are no longer limited to just computer programming jobs.

In fact, medical jobs are fast dominating the telecommuting industry. Surprising as it may sound, you can be a neurosurgeon at home!

Telecommuting Jobs for You

Telecommuting jobs for the health sector

Home-based radiologists and physicians are one of the most popular telecommuting jobs, hired by companies such as Permedion. The professionals are called on to review patient cases, and are paid as much as $1,975 weekly.

Medical transcriptionists and nurses are also viable work from home jobs that have quite a sizeable salary–$30,000 to $50,000 a year, with a signing bonus to boot. These are work from home careers that will actually

Part time jobs for computer programmers

This is a no-brainer: computer programming jobs are quite lucrative in the Internet. Certain companies have made a full effort to make telecommuting jobs as their principle mode of employment. Cisco Systems, for instance, have as many as 65,000 employees who work from home.

There are websites dedicated just for freelance programming jobs. Check out Programming from Home and get started with your work from home career!

Work from home careers for Public Relations Professionals

Thanks to the rise of new media, public relations have become even more in demand. Public relations professionals conduct news releases, write speeches, carry out public awareness campaigns, and constantly connect with journalists and reporters.

While public relations practitioners used to be confined to the office or in the field, many companies are starting to see the value in telecommuting jobs for the PR industry.  With the PR industry predicted to grow by 24% by 2018, there’s every reason why you should consider a job in this field.

Websites like virtualvocations.com and simplyhired.com are great places to look for telecommuting PR jobs.

Financial Planners or Advisors as a Part Time Telecommuting Job

With the recent economic crisis, people are just starting to get back on their feet—and financial planners and advisors have never been more sought after. Financial planners get as much as $100,000 salaries. With the perks of telecommuting for advisors,  you shouldn’t even take a second to consider your decision.

With telecommuting, you can teleconference with a variety of professionals you regularly consult, all at once place: accountants, tax professionals, and attorneys to name a few. Besides, the financial planning industry is adopting telecommuting at a pace 21.5% rate.

Why are companies offering work from home jobs?

There are several reasons why companies have become more accepting of telecommuting jobs, and one of them is the lower costs of maintaining an office and a wider talent pool. By detailing telecommuter jobs, companies are able to cast a wide net on who they can employ.

Studies have shown that people who work from home tend to be more productive and comfortable. In fact, a recent 2011 survey among telecommuters found that 85% of them had better productivity and happiness compared to working in their corporate office.

Obviously, these are just some of the best telecommuting jobs that you should grab, if you’re tired of the daily corporate grind. You don’t have to be stuck wherever you are: you can make money online and stay at home at the same time.

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  1. Kale Harmon says:

    Telecommuting is my ultimate dream. I’m self-employed right now – which I thought was my dream – but it really is rather stressful to be solely responsible for making the business successful. I’d rather work at home in sweatpants for someone else at this point, and be sure of earning that steady paycheck. I may have to look into your ideas more. Thanks for them!

  2. Kimberly says:

    I have a friend who is involved with Medical transcription and she makes a decent living, but her hours are very irregular and she is sometimes to busy she has to work weekends and late at night after her children are in bed. If you can find a structure, regular telecommuting job, I can definitely see the benefits. I’m still more interested in just working for myself though.

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