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Internet Marketing 101: The Top 8 Internet Marketing Trends of 2013

Now that we’ve well settled into 2013,  there are certain Internet marketing trends that are impossible to overlook and too glaring to miss.

This year, Internet marketing has taken on an entirely new level of importance in every company’s marketing mix.

This year, internet marketing is not just another add-on; it can spell the difference between survival and failure of a business, more so for businesses hoping to expand their business offerings online.

So what should online marketers brace themselves for this year? What are the top internet marketing trends this 2013 that should guide your business decisions?

1. The rise of the second screen

2012 was all about the popularity of mobile phones, but this year will mark the rise of second screen devices like tablets, and mobile devices primarily used for surfing websites. This means that businesses have to churn out new formats specifically for these second screen devices.

2. A focus on design and visual graphics

If you’re used to text-heavy marketing leads, you should slowly but surely shift towards the visual side of marketing. With Pinterest and infographics slowly penetrating audience reach, it’s clear that the future of internet marketing this year lies in visual marketing.

3. Cloud-based tools become mainstream

You don’t have to invest on crazy expensive software programs, thanks to cloud-based tools. These will in the long run make your internet marketing efforts a lot more convenient and successful. When doing heat map analysis, you can use CrazyEgg. To test your landing page, try Unbounce.  Finally, analyze your website using BoostSuite. These are just some cloud-based tools that can help make your internet marketing efforts a lot less expensive and data-based.

The Top Internet Marketing Trends of 2013

The Top Internet Marketing Trends of 2013

4. More tools for analytics and conversion

Internet marketing is increasingly becoming a science. Today it’s clear just how a single click matters in terms of meeting your business goals. This year will see the rise of more scientific tools not only to assess audience behavior but also to convert clicks into actual sales.  Back then, internet marketing can be likened to a blind catching

5. Engaging the audience through gamification

One of the best ways to convert clicks into sales is to go beyond ads and compelling sales copy and engaging the audience head on. This is why gamification is becoming popular among internet marketers. By letting your potential customers have fun with a game that your company specifically made, their attention on your product or service will be magnified a thousand times over than if they were just browsing through an online ad. Check out PunchTab and BigDoor—two popular platforms for gamifying your business and increasing your customer loyalty by as much as 100%!

6. Retargeting regains the attention it deserves

Internet marketers largely ignore retargeting—a mechanism where ads are placed in front of the Internet users right before they leave your website without making a sale. By retargeting, your potential customers will be left wondering whether they should buy your product or not.

The value of retargeting in internet marketing is that it seals the deal for second-guessing customers to finally buy your product or service. Services available for this include Google Remarketing, Bizo, and Retargeter.

7. The Reinvented Social Media

I’ve said this a million times over, and I’ll say it again: you need to put yourself in the middle of where it’s all happening. Social media. This is where conversations are being made, and people are being influenced. It’s not a question of when you should participate anymore, but of what you should contribute to the marketplace of ideas and how you can start conversations that center around your product.

8. Loyalty clubs are a competitive edge

If you don’t have one yet, make one. Retaining your customers will pay off much more handsomely than getting new ones. Your existing customers will keep on making purchases in your business if they’re happy with your service—and will even get new ones to try your products if they reach a certain level of satisfaction. The Internet has never been noisier and closing a deal has never been more challenging than this year—which is why you should protect the customer base you already have.

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  1. Cmarten says:

    I was just reading an article lately about the gamification of marketing and media and love that you covered it basically here too. People become much more invested in your product or service when you give them something to interact with. I’ll definitely be testing out those options you covered.

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