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The Top Internet Marketing Trends of 2012

With 2013 well ahead of us, it’s important to look back at the year that was. How did 2012 change the landscape of internet marketing? Are there notable internet marketing trends in 2012 that will carry over to the following year?

2012 saw the most innovations and breakthroughs in internet marketing, which set strategic internet marketers apart from the average ones.

It must be stressed that these four trends are only the beginning of the future of internet marketing, so if you haven’t adjusted to any of these, there is still time for you to do so this year.


1. The important role of tablet devices in online marketing

2012 was an eye-opener for internet marketers who were under the assumption that smart phones were dominating the mobile market. As a matter of fact, dat from comScore shows that 2011 was the year that smart phone usage tipped its point—with around 36% (or roughly a third) of consumers using a smart phone.  From then on, a new trend in the use of mobile devices appeared.

Where most online marketers went wrong in 2012 is in ignoring a device that consumers largely use for personal activity, like shopping and leisure reading: tablet devices.

With the popularity of tablet devices among consumers, online marketing has been changed for good. Mobile marketing is no longer limited to just smart phones, but also to tablets and even e-Readers.

Action plan for online marketing strategists:

Most online marketers optimize their websites, ads, and blogs for smart phones, without paying attention to tablet users. When strategizing your Internet marketing campaign, integrate mobile marketing tactics that work both for smart phone users and tablet users.

2. Social media is the top activity of 2012

According to Nielsen, social media is the top online activity of 2012. 2011 was a high point in social media, with Facebook and YouTube cementing their positions as the top two social media networks. In 2012, social media is proving that it’s more than a fad. Facebook began offering its shares to the public, as well as LinkedIn.

Internet Marketing Trends in 2012

Internet Marketing Trends in 2012

2012 was also the year that social media became an unabashed part of internet marketing. Even big companies have begun integrating social media marketing to their marketing plans, a report from the Center for Marketing Research says. Promoted ads in Twitter became a way for brands to reach their target audience in the networking site. In Facebook, companies and businesses create Facebook pages to reach their clients and customers. All these social media efforts by strategists and marketers are part of a larger scheme to integrate social media, the #1 online activity, in the overall marketing plan of businesses.

Action plan for online marketing strategists:

Set your social media profile apart from all the other run-of-the-mill, haphazardly created networking profiles of your rivals. Make a real effort to reach out  to your existing and potential customers.

3. SEO becomes an even greater challenge.

Changes in Google Analytics and Google search engine results have made Search Engine Optimization (SEO) more challenging for online marketers. This 2012, Google provided complex snippet views to search engine users; users no longer have to click on a link to find out what the website contains. Simply hovering on a link in the Google search engine results will show a detailed information of what’s in the website. This is bad for search engine marketers because it lessens the page views and subsequently the lead sales.

Google Analytics has also hidden a number of information about your website, making it harder for online marketers to identify Key Performance Indicators.

Action plan for online marketing strategists:

Create compelling content matched with persuasive visuals. By making a website that pops out in the sea of links in the Google search engine results, your website will have better chances of attracting leads.

4. Local search marketing

‘Going local’ is no longer just a catchphrase. It is a trend that Google Local, local search engines, local networking sites like FourSquared, and local commerce sites are beginning to invest in. ‘MoLo’—or mobile local—is fast growing into a category of its own, referring to the increase of mobile users looking for local products and services. In fact, out of the 4 billion local searches in Google, 61% of them result in a purchase.

Action plan for online marketing strategists:

If you are on a tight marketing budget, there’s all the more reason why you should go for MoLo. Not only will your internet marketing efforts be more targeted, you can also have more leads and sales.

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