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Top 10 Questions to Ask Before Opening a Pinterest Page

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has a higher conversion rate and is more likely to convince users to buy your product. Unfortunately, most social media marketers limit their efforts to the first two.

You should know better: a Pinterest page can drive serious traffic and sales to your product. But you have to tread carefully. Here are some important questions when putting up a Pinterest account.

1. What’s your goal in opening a Pinterest page?

Why do you want to connect with Pinterest users in the first place? Is it for awareness, or are you planning to make it a concrete platform where you will sell your products? Before you open a Pinterest page, have a clear picture in mind as to how you are planning to utilize it.

2. How will you connect with your audience?

You must be strategic when connecting to your audience. You don’t want to come off as spammy.

Pinterest pa3. What kinds of images will best reflect your brand?

There are several kinds of images that you can post on your page—all of which must reflect your brand accurately and be attractive enough for other Pinterest users to click it.

4. How often will you log in to your Pinterest page?

Putting up an entirely separate Pinterest page for your business will require commitment. You have to find time, or your Pinterest page will look stagnant.

5. Who can contribute to your Pinterest account?

You may want to have exclusive control over your Pinterest page—or have your social network post content on your board. Decide what your policy is beforehand.

6. What will you do to build an interactive community?

Being interactive is important, as this is a surefire way to increase your presence in Pinterest. There are several ways to get other people to interact with your brand.

For one, you can hold a “Pinterest party”, where other Pinterest users can pin on your board at the same time. Pinterest parties are getting quite popular recently: HGTV held a Pinterest party last November—and it was a smashing success, to say the least.

Another way is to cross-post frm your Twitter and Facebook pages. This will let users from your other social networks know what’s happening in your Pinterst page.

7. Are you following other Pinterest users?

This really is more of a command than a question: you’re in a social network! Therefore, you should participate with other people, and have a two-way conversation.

8. Who should you engage with the most?

While interaction with other Pinterest users is important, you’d want to look out for Pinterest users who are influential and have established themselves in your niche. By riding in their popularity, you will get publicity for your accont.

9. What videos should you pin?

While Pinterest users traditionally pin photos, you can also post videos, especially ones that have the potential to be viral, in Pinterest.

10. What should you avoid?

Remember: a Pinterest account is not your corporate website. Don’t shove the content on other Pinterest users—unless you want to drive them away, that is.

Finally, who should handle your Pinterest page?

Provided that your social media manager has adequate experience in handling Pinterest accounts, you can handle the task to him. However, you must remember that although Pinterest is a social networking site like Facebook and Twitter, there are distinctions that the social media manager must pay attention to.

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