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Top Freelance Jobs that Pay Much

Beginning a career as a freelancer might be a tough job, because you’ll have a hard time proving that you are experienced and a hard time building a name for yourself, but once you are able to do that, you will see that freelancing jobs might pay as much as an ordinary office 9-to-5 job.

Here’s the list of some of the highest paying freelance jobs that you can find:

Web Design

There’s always demand for such professionals.

It’s very important to have a very good design of your website, to make your viewers’ feel comfortable and actually like what they see, and that’s why you could find web design jobs that pay much.

Some of the lowest paid web design jobs are usually for around $9-$10/h, but if you have already proved to be an experienced professional, who knows how to create a great design, then you might receive as much as $20-$40 per hour.


This is a tricky one. The majority of freelance writing projects pay extremely low rates. If you are new to the freelancing business, you will think “This guy is bonkers, writing doesn’t pay much!” and I will not judge you for that.

But if you are able to prove that you have exceptional knowledge of the English language and that you have flair to be a writer, you will attract employers, who will be paying a lot for your services.

Usually on the first few months as a freelance writer you will mostly be getting $1 per 500 word article, but after a certain period of time and after you develop your skills a bit, you can get paid as much as a hundred times more; you can get $100 for a 500 word post.

Mobile Programming

Ever since the mass release of touch screen telephones on the market, there has been a boom in this market.

There are thousands of jobs posted each day for the creation of apps.

With iOS being the most famous platform for which you can easily find a job, Android is also a pretty popular and commonly used platform for which you’ll find jobs.

If you begin working on small projects for mobile programming, you might start from $10-$15/h, but when you gain enough experience and knowledge you can even get projects paying over $80/h!

Web Programming (PHP/MySQL/jQuery)

For those of you who don’t know, web programming is different from web design. Web programming makes the websites functional, whereas the other just makes them beautiful.

Surprisingly, you’ll hear that there are more web programming jobs than web design ones.

This is true, don’t be surprised. A lot of new websites are in the need of web programmers, but also some of the already existing ones might search for an experienced PHP/MySQL programmer.

Competition is tough and everybody wants to renew their website functions to something more convenient and functional. A typical web programmer will begin from anywhere $8-$10 per hour, but with time, you can make just as much as a mobile programmer does: $60-$80/h

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